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Who makes outdoor gourmet grills? Best Answer for 2020




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Outdoor cooking is one of the most found and loved hobbies among foodies who love to cook. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this hobby. For instance, Grilling is the best outdoor cooking solution for most cooking lovers. While looking out for a decent grilling solution, most of the cooking lovers accepted Outdoor Gourmet Grill as their primary choice.  But they have a question who makes outdoor gourmet grills? We understand your quest for knowing more about the products you use. As a result, we have done our part of the research and come up with this article to enlighten such knowledge seekers like you with the best available information.

While we are on the topic of outdoor gourmet grills, let us mention first that some manufacturers in the grilling tools manufacturing industry produce quality outdoor gourmet grills. As now a day, cooking lovers among us are not only looking out for just a grilling machine but also want something that will add beauty to their cooking endeavors. Whether you want to keep your grilling tool in the kitchen or at the outdoor backyard, gourmet grilling machines are the best to add beauty in any scenario.

Before jumping to the part where we get to know about the gourmet grills manufacturer, let’s get to know about what outdoor gourmet grill is first.

What Is Outdoor Gourmet Grills?

Different grill manufacturing companies produce different kinds of grilling solutions. It goes without saying that all the grill manufacturers have their own teams who plan, design, and engineer their grilling solutions to make sure their products stand out from grilling machines manufactured by competitors. There are a lot of types of grilling tools in the grilling machine industry.

Let’s check out the types of grills first. One of the most common types of cooking grills is the gas grill. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can go for a gas grill for outdoor cooking anytime. Gas Grills include Propane Gas Grills, Natural Gas Grills, Infrared Gas Grills, Flat-Top Gas Grills, Free-Standing Gas Grills, and Built-In Gas Grills.

On the other hand, you just have to light the coals and manage the fire when you get a charcoal grill for outdoor cooking. When you crave a classic smoky flavor, the charcoal grill is the best solution. Charcoal Grills include Traditional Charcoal Grills and Kettle Charcoal Grills.

Again, Wood pellets with flavor are the fuel of pellet grills. Cherry, apple, maple, etc. flavors create different levels of cooking experience for cooking lovers.

We believe that the Kamado grill deserves classification as this grill offers entirely exceptional cooking experience. Kamado Grills include Ceramic Kamado Grills and Stainless Steel Kamado Grills. Besides, if you prefer indoor cooking and fast result, this grill is for you.

Last but not the least, there are portable grills. Portable grills offer easy portability and mostly used for hunting, fishing, camping.

Now that we have had a long discussion on different types of grills in the grilling industry, let’s get to know about the center of attraction of this article that is the outdoor gourmet grills. The outdoor gourmet grill is such unique of its kind that has gained appreciation from cooking lovers all over the world. This attractive grilling machine has some features that most of the grills do not have. Designing and engineering team of a grilling tool manufacturing companies always keep themselves extra-cautious when it is about producing an outdoor gourmet grill. In other words, gourmet grills require such a level of dedication and attention to turn into a grill that no cooking lovers can stay quite without appreciating its design, structure, built, and charming appearance.

Let’s find out about “who makes outdoor gourmet grills?” To add to what we have just said Royal Gourmet and Kalamazoo Gourmet are the two companies who are famous for manufacturing outdoor gourmet grills.

Who Makes Outdoor Gourmet Grills?

Royal Gourmet

One of the most prominent names in the grilling solution manufacturing industry is the Royal Gourmet. This grill manufacturing company has gained reputation by producing high-quality Gas grills, Charcoal grills, griddles, smokers, and related accessories. They not only manufacture household grilling solutions but also produce carry away grills so that you can take the enjoyment of grilling even when you are away from your home camping, fishing, hunting, etc.

The 3 major factors that the Royal Gourmet management focuses on are build quality, competitive price, and after-sales customer service. Therefore when you or any cooking lover buys a Royal Gourmet grilling machine with such admirable build quality and affordable price, days of great cooking just begin. During the process, if you face any issue with your grilling solution, there’s always first-class level customer service awaits for you at the Royal Gourmet service center.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

A talented and passionate businessman from Kalamazoo, Michigan founded Kalamazoo Sheet metal in 1906. The company manufactured a stainless-steel grills line up in 1996 and named it The Kalamazoo Grill. Besides, this grill gained the recognition of the highest performing gas grill in 1998. The Duel-Fuel Grill form the house of Kalamazoo came up with an amazing feature of cooking using wood and charcoal. Eventually, this product became limelight in the outdoor cooking solution manufacturer industry. The company also succeeded to bag a patent which turned out to be a signature of its product line up in future productions.

After years of evolution, Hybrid Fire Grill became a lot of cooking lovers’ choice by offering versatile cooking solutions such as grilling, baking, searing, smoking, roasting and rotisserie cooking, etc.

The company we know today as the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet gained its name in 2005 after the change in ownership. The new management also took necessary steps to maintain its previously attained reputation as well as to improve products and services line up to gain more customers than ever.

Our Final Words

You have come to know a lot of things about the grilling industry after the above discussion. We hope you have got the necessary information on who makes outdoor Gourmet Grills, its origin, and brief details about its manufacturers.

If you still have any questions on “who makes outdoor gourmet grills?” that we have not covered up in this article, please do not hesitate to drop a comment in the comment section or contact us directly through email.

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