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Do you love to grill? Or are you just in search of a suitable grill for your home or restaurant? There are lots of grills manufacturer company in the market. If you don’t know who makes master forge grill? Or, which one is best and affordable than it will be difficult for you to choose one of them! I assume you have already made up your mind for Master Forge grill. Indeed, it’s a good choice. Let’s find out why.

Whether it is for home or commercial purpose, you need to know the various categories of Grills. Besides, you also need to know which type of grill fits with your lifestyle. I usually insist to choose grill’s type very carefully as there are always some important aspects to consider. If you live in a residential area then grilling will be a problem because it produces lots of smoke. How about fire safety? Sources of charcoal? available space? etc. Lots of questions will make you exhausted, So, to make a smart decision, lets know the different types of the grill to choose the right one that is suitable for you.

Types of master forge grill

There are several types of grill in the market –

Charcoal grills provide you a smoky flavors food. This is the most traditional method of grilling. But it’ll be costly and also a matter of time. Gas grills have several advantages over charcoal grills. It is faster than the charcoal grills, and also cheaper. But if you find the convenient one than the electric grills will be the first choice for you. No more charcoal, no more running out of gas; the only requirement is electricity. Which is available as well. If you prefer varieties of taste, here comes the smoker which is available for both Charcoal and Electric grills. And smokers are perfect for commercial use.

Of all the different types of grills we knew so far, Master Forge offers all kinds of it.

Who makes master forge grill?

For some, it is important to know the manufacturer or manufacturing country of a product. Although quality matters the most. Irrespective to the manufacturing country, every manufacturer maintains a Global quality benchmark for all its production units. Nonetheless, let me inform you that Master Forge is a brand owned and imported by Lowe’s – one of the biggest hardware chain store in the US from North Carolina. LG Sourcing – a fully owned subsidiary of Lowe’s looks after the grills division that provides end to end sourcing solution delivering quality and diverse options to meet the needs of the customer. Lowe’s has various models of grill machine in the various name like – “Perfect Flame” or “BBQtek”.

However, nowadays, Master Forger is manufactured by Sagittarius Sporting Goods. Their headquarters is in Taiwan. So, we may sum up that Master Forge grill manufactured in Taiwan and shipped to USA by Lowe. But as I said, I am certain that Lowe maintains the quality of its products keeping the USA standards under consideration.

Features of Master Forge

Master Forge using inexpensive materials and components to make the grills. Why you should use or buy a Master Forge grills? Because it brings lots of features which is helpful for anyone. These grills bring an infrared side searing burner, warming/steaming stations, lots of cooking spaces, LED illuminated knobs, halogen light in the lid, towel racks, fold-out tables, bottle-opener (for the specific model), and many others features.

Points to ponder

As they say, even the moon, master of the sea, illuminator of the night, has his craters, Master Forge is no exception than this. Although it is loaded with lots of good features, it has some problems that I must make you aware of. First of all, they use lesser grade 430 Stainless Steel. However, that in not the problem exactly. The problem is these steel sheets are too thin and also some parts look very cheap. They also used plastic control knobs and the thermometers. You just can’t rely on this kind of thermometers. My all-time suggestion is to buy a digital one for readings the temperature.

Besides, as per CPSC the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the flexible rubber hose on the LP gas tank can come into contact with burner box, causing the hose to melt and break when the grill is in use. This bears a risk of fire and burn hazard to the end users. However, they also assured that the manufacturer Sagittarius Sporting Goods is aware of two complaints of the hose melting and rupturing and no injuries or property damage have been reported so far.

Nevertheless, you can’t compare it with brands like Weber. Cause Weber costs a lot and also their quality is best in the market. Although Master Forge is not in the best quality, they are improving day by day. Most importantly Master Forge is average costly. You can’t find a huge size of grills for family and friends in this budget.

Our final verdict

Buying a suitable grill is a challenge, checking all the features and pick out the perfect product from the market is really a mundane task and demands a lot of your valuable time. Sometimes too much description and internet marketing make the buyers confused. Manufacturer plays an important role on the product quality. Brand value has definite impact on the customer’s satisfaction. Master forge is a renowned brand indeed and, in this article, we wanted to give you the make and manufacturing details of Master forge. Besides, some helpful insights of the product have been put based on our online research and reviews of the customers. You have already known that Master forge is made in Taiwan, China and imported by Lowe in the USA. We believe the article has successfully answered the question popped up in your mind. To know more about grills please stay with us.


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