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Who Makes Kenmore Gas Grills for Sears?




Kenmore Gas Grill

Generally, before buying a gas grill people are searching for certain things that will inspire them to buy a gas grill. People are usually looking for features like the surface of grilling, how the body of a grilling machine is constructed, weight, portability, the quality grade for cooking, and many more.

Grill lovers can put their trust on the Kenmore Gas Grills blindly. This brand is perfect for home appliances. And another important fact is, Kenmore is officially a business purpose brand. For the last 100 years, they are doing very well in their business. Now the question is, who is the manufacturer of this Kenmore Gas Grills?

My article will cover the information about Who Makes the Kenmore Gas Grills for Sears?

 So, let’s continue!

Who Makes the Kenmore Gas Grills for Sears

Sears is the company that stores Kenmore Gas Grills and other accessories of Kenmore. It’s a deal. But Sears is not the manufacturer of Kenmore.

Kenmore Gas Grill


The Permastel which is based on California is the real manufacturer of Kenmore. Permasteel makes Kenmore gas grills, grill covers and many other home accessories. Permasteel makes Kenmore for worldwide distribution. But Sears never discloses the deal.

It was February of 2017, Permasteel made a licensing deal with Sears Brands Management Co. The deal was for Kenmore Gas grill and other BBQ accessories. Gradually they have started to sell their Kenmore Gas grills in the international markets. That is undoubtedly a great chance for Permasteel, for their partners, and obviously for their regular grill consuming customers. Permasteel is very much eager to offer quality Kenmore Gas Grills with different and special features. They are waiting to grab the opportunity to make a broader deal with their retail partners.

Permasteel delivers its services through the California office, and Pomona office. They provide very knowledgeable friendly service to their customers. Dealing with Permasteel was the first step for Kenmore to brand themselves globally. Kenmore Gas Grills are sold only in Sears stores in the U.S since Sears is the owner of the wholesale agreement.

Permasteel promises to deliver-

Permasteel is a promising manufacturer. Before dealing with Sears they were committed to delivering their best. And till now they have kept their promises. They are following their own morals. In this penning you will get an idea about their morals:


Permasteel delivers quality products. Permasteel had spent significant time in making quality Gas Grills, BBQ Accessories, Patio Heaters, and Patio Coolers sold under their image.

In the U.S their products can be found at significant retailers such as Sears, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, True Value, Kmart, Sears Hometown, and Menards. Universally, they sell their items in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.

Their prosperity is conceivable because of their pledge to deliver excellent items at all cost ranges. This responsibility has brought about high endorsement appraisals and rehash the acquisition of their items. Offering an expansive scope of highlights and advantages in every classification size methods more decisions for the shopper.

Since Permasteel’s initiation in 2003, they have been focused on offering the customer quality and worth. Huge numbers of their gas barbecues have gotten top appraisals from the main buyer magazine for both Best Performance and Best Value gas grills in every class size.

In the wake of creating Kenmore and Kenmore Gas Grills for over ten years for Sears, in 2017 Permasteel got a select authorizing consent to deliver and sell Kenmore and Kenmore Gas Grills to retailers other than Sears.

They will keep on growing new and inventive items that will furnish customers with more choices in the entirety of our item classifications. They are very glad for their quality items, yet additionally of their committed client care group. Their client support group has immense information and experience and is focused on ensuring client questions and issues are settled rapidly.


 Permasteel offers very good service to their clients. They offer individual and gracious support, they have prepared specialized help delegates to help with investigating, they stock parts for every one of their barbecues and utilize a large number of similar general parts for the vast majority of their models this will guarantee that they have new parts accessible regardless of whether one model has been ceased.


 It’s obvious they use premium quality materials. They utilize top-notch parts on the entirety of their barbecues to abstain from supplanting parts to regularly, they utilize top evaluation 304 treated steel on our rounded burners different fabricates utilize 430 evaluation which will rust a lot too soon, they likewise use piezo push and turn start frameworks with pilot fire to guarantee numerous long stretches of difficulty-free programmed start, most different makes utilize electronic start frameworks which are truly untrustworthy and should be supplanted frequently.


 They offer numerous styles of unattached gas grills and Charcoal convenient barbecues in differing designs including high-end modular island barbecues with superior searing burners rotisserie burners and high-grade rotisserie combos. For your benefit, they likewise convey Natural Gas transformation units, rotisserie packs, covers, and numerous different adornments.

Kenmore Gas Grills Review

Undoubtedly the Kenmore Gas Grills are the king of Barbeque. There are several types of Kenmore Gas Grills. All of them have different unique features of grilling and burning. Are you planning to grill up for a party or for a family program? Then you should have the Kenmore Gas Grills. Just fire up your Kenmore and it’s ready to complete your plan.

To entertain someone who loves entertainment Kenmore gas 6 burner grills for kebab, burger, etc. For limited space, Kenmore 2- Burner Grills is the best choice. Kenmore gas grills have unique features like colors, sizes, styles, etc. And, all features will meet all of your grilling needs.

Final Verdict

From the whole discussion, it has become clear that Sears has become the brand because of Permasteel. My purpose was to provide information about the manufacture of Kenmore. And I am done with providing the answer of: Who Makes Kenmore Gas Grills for Sears?

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