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Where Are Char Broil Grills Made? Best Guide in 2022




The form of cooking that allows us to arrange larger gatherings or parties with our family members, relatives, and friends is outdoor cooking. And outdoor cooking allows us to create an amazing experience when we have one of the best grilling machines. While thinking about it, the Char Broil Grill keeps crossing our mind as it is such a grilling solution that can fulfill all of our outdoor cooking desires.

The Char Broil Grill is one of the most prominent grilling solutions out there when you think about outdoor cooking. Your interest to read this article makes us believe that you have the curiosity to learn more about the tools you use. Also, a lot of our regular readers have expressed their interest in the origin of this fantastic outdoor cooking solution through direct message. As a result, we have decided that we will satisfy our readers’ thrust by writing an article about it. Therefore, your curiosity is going to be taken care of through our years of grilling experience and knowledge gained by extensive research – It’s a promise.

As we are now going to take you to the journey of the Char Broil Grill’s world, we request you to be in your full concentration while reading this article. Most importantly, its origin, manufacturing, uses, and wide range of features require you to be in your complete attention. Without further ado, let’s start our mission to gain more knowledge about this amazing grilling tool.

What is the Char Broil Grill?

Before jumping to any conclusion, let’s get to know what The Char Broil Grill really is. When it comes to purchasing a grilling machine, we always purchase the one with most features offerings. There are a lot of grilling solutions in the market, but the one that comes up with most features is undoubtedly the Char Broil Grill. Well, to begin with, Char Broil Grills are made to satisfy your hunger for juicily cooked foods. It doesn’t matter if you are a cooking expert or a novice. The Char Broil Grill is built in such a way that anyone can start cooking anytime, anywhere. Its porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates with a stainless steel emitter ensures remarkable cooking experience.

Features of the Char Broil Grill

There are a lot of handy features of the Char Broil Grill. Let’s find out the Char Broil Grill’s major features below,

  • Juicier foods because of TRU-Infrared cooking arrangement that assures and averts flare-ups.
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates with a stainless steel emitter.
  • Temperature gauges are of 3 grate level.
  • 30,000 BTU major burners and 13,000 BTU side-burners.
  • Approximate measurement: Width x Depth x Height – 54.75″ x 22” x 46.5”.
  • The total cooking area is 500 Sq Inches.
  • Set up with Gear Trax™ for trouble-free accessory mounting.
  • Electronic ignition is of SureFire™ technology.
  • There’s scope for natural gas conversion system (sold separately).
  • Has the capability to convert from liquid propane (LP) to natural gas (NG) with no trouble enabled by Dual Fuel™.
  • User-friendly set up process. Even a beginner can set it up without facing any difficulty.

We believe that any outdoor cooking lover will be glad about the above-mentioned features.

So, the question that needs an explanatory discussion is “Where Are Char Broil Grills Made?”

Where Are Char Broil Grills Made?

It’s time to attend a lecture on ‘Char Broil Grill – 101’. We bet that you are asking yourself right now, “Where have I come? Do I have to attend some sort of lecture now?” Well, it’s the moment; we drop the curtain to end the tale. The W.C. Bradley co. owns Char Broil as a private subsidiary. Back in 1885, Mr. Bradley founded this company in Columbus, Georgia. However, W.C. Bradley started its business operation with cotton and textile manufacturing. After that during the 1920s, Mr. Bradley decided to expand his business operations in other industries. As a result, he bought the Columbus Iron Works to satisfy his need for business expansion.

The first cast iron barbecue grill from the house of the Iron Works entered the grilling industry in 1949. However, in 1973, they shifted their manufacturing process to a new place in the Bradley industrial park. And in addition, their line of gas grills received a new name that we know today as the Char-Broil. China manufactures the Char-Broil Grills in the present day.

Why select the Char Broil Grill?

There are a lot of reasons to select the Char Broil Grill as your outdoor cooking tool. Below are some admirable causes,

  • Its built quality is simply outstanding.
  • This grilling machine is going to serve your purpose for a long time.
  • Cooking space gives the freedom to cook more.
  • The cooking process helps you to get tastier food.
  • Easy to set up, easy to cook, and easy to clean.
  • Better cooking experience compared to other grilling solutions at this price range.
  • Cooking experience from all points of view is great.
  • The temperature maintenance process is very effective for grilling.
  • This grilling tool offers an inexpensive solution for cooking outdoor.

Our Final Words

Now that we have had brief discussions on every aspect of the Char Broil grill, your hunger to learn more about the details of this product must be satisfied. Firstly, we have described what it basically is. Secondly, the Char Broil Grill’s features were our discussion point. After that, we have illustrated the main attraction of this article that is its origin and manufacturing history. We have also covered up the part how and when it got its today’s name. We have also explained all the major and attractive features of this fantastic grilling machine in detail.

To sum up, the Char Broil Grill has quite a fascinating history of its beginning. And we have tried our level best to present all possible facts and details that you need to know about it. However, if you have any more queries regarding the Char Broil Grill, please drop a comment in the comment section or message us through email.


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