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What is the best way to clean BBQ grills




Cleaning the grill is decreasing the tools, not to mention the maintenance of the brazier. It seems to be a big effort! The heat arrives and the desire to have a barbecue returns. It is a real passion and any excuse is good to light the fire. Yes, but after what is a hassle washing everything, right? We have got hundreds of messages in our inbox; they ask us what is the best way to clean bbq grills? Today I would like to give you some tips to easily eliminate odors and dirt: here’s how to clean the barbecue correctly. So, keep your eyes on this blog and learning something new. 


What is the best way to clean bbq grills: The tricks to making shiny


There are many experts are suggests using a heavy and expensive machine, but those are not suitable for everyone. That’s why we are here to discuss this topic with some simple tricks. Regardless of the type of barbecue, you have available, you can choose between cleaning cold or hot. Let’s see the differences between these two modes.


1) Hot Cleaning:

Before the grill cools, you can rub it with onion or half a lemon. Be very careful not to get too close to avoid burning yourself: skewer them with a fork and rub the grill to remove the encrustations. Alternatively, you can also use a special metal brush to remove excess fat, always taking care not to burn yourself.


2) Cold Cleaning:

If, on the other hand, you have chatted with friends and the grill is now cold, completely remove the ash or charcoal and roughly remove the grease encrustations using special metal brushes. Alternatively, you can use a little crumpled foil to scrub the grill and remove excess fat.


To each type of barbeque and its cleaning


Thoroughly cleaning the brazier after use is not just a matter of hygiene. Bad maintenance could cause the barbecue to last less, creating layers of rust. The presence of grease not properly eliminated from the walls could create excessive smoke formation in subsequent uses. To remove the grease, the smell of cooking, but also to ensure that your barbecue is preserved from rust, there are some small steps to follow, which vary depending on whether your barbecue is charcoal, gas, or electric.


How to clean your charcoal bbq


It is the classic embers, usually round or rectangular, made of coated iron, light, with the possibility of inserting a grill at different heights. 


  • To clean it you need to remove all the charcoal and the grills. The interior can be cleaned using a scraper to remove any grease splashes that have settled on the walls. 
  • You can then proceed with the actual cleaning, carefully washing the grill. The outside of the charcoal barbecue can be washed with a non-abrasive sponge, hot water, and vinegar. 

Note: It should then be dried with a soft cloth.


How to clean the gas grill bbq 


To properly clean your gas barbecue, first, turn off all heat sources. 


  • Clean the inside with the special steel brush, being careful not to use abrasive products, and then wash it with hot water and vinegar. 
  • The exterior can be washed with warm water and neutral soap, and then thoroughly rinsed and dried with a cloth. 
  • Particular attention must be paid to the burners which could become clogged over time. 


After carefully closing the gas knob, clean them with something sharp but not abrasive, such as a wooden skewer, trying to eliminate any splashes of grease from the burner holes.


How to Clean the electric bbq


If you want to clean your electric bbq, then follow the following steps:


  • To wash the electric barbecue effectively, 
  • Wait until the brazier is completely cold, 
  • You have to remove the present food particles and try to use the non-abrasive sponge.
  • Two things make your work easier:  vinegar and water
  • Then clean your plate softly
  • Then need warm water for better cleaning.


Products to clean the bbq: better to use natural ones


To properly clean the brazier after your grilling, we suggest you avoid chemical detergents but use natural ones. Here are the best products for cleaning the barbecue.


1) Vinegar and Soda

It is a combination often used for cleaning dishes. Just put a liter of warm water in a bottle and add two tablespoons of vinegar . Mix well and then transfer to a bottle with the sprayer. Spray this DIY cleaner all over the grill and let it act for at least 15 minutes, then scrub with an iron scourer: insist in particular on the most hidden points. Finally, prepare a mixture of water and baking soda, soak a sponge and pass it on each strip of the grill: it will be as bright as it was just bought. And the smell of meat or fish will also be completely removed.


2) Coffee

In my article on recycling leftover coffee, I already explained how to use it instead of detergent. This is the case for you: you can use the coffee grounds to scrub the grill to remove excess fat. You can also prepare a basin in which to put a cup of coffee along with hot water and immerse the kitchen utensils to degrease. After an hour, rub and rinse: they will be as good as new.


3) Vapor

If yours is a professional barbecue with a lid, you can use steam. Fill a container with hot water, place it on the grill and close the lid. Let the steam work for at least 15 minutes, then open. The fat will have softened and will be easier to remove.


Final word


At the end of the season, when you need to put away your barbecue for the winter months, remember to pass some oil-soaked kitchen paper on the surfaces and the grill. This precaution is valid to avoid the formation of rust.


You now have all the information you need to perfectly clean your barbecue. If you are also a lover of the grill, we suggest you take a look at our recipe book where you will find many tips for cooking meat. Before concluding the content, let’s know a special trick from our experts.


When cleaning the barbecue, do not neglect the same attention to the accessories you use to grill.


  • The cover
  • Pliers and forks
  • Containers for the collection of fat
  • The cutting board


So guys, if you have more asks on, “what is the best way to clean bbq grills?” Let us know by leaving a simple comment below the post or you can email us. Thanks for your attention. 

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