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What is an Infrared Grill?




Infrared grills are now very common which we often see in every grills shop we come across. The questions “What is Infrared Grill? “, “What is the technology used for Infrared Grills?” often asked by the users. Being grill lovers it is essentially important to know about the different technologies associated with indoor and outdoor grills

What is Infrared Grill?

Infrared is electro-magnetic spectrum which is form of radiation. Infrared Grills are based on this electro-magnetic spectrum radiation used to generate heat and distribute seamlessly throughout the grills. In conventional way of grilling, the fire comes in contact with the grates. On the other hand,  for infrared grills electro-magnetic spectrum creates a barrier between flames and grates for which fire doesn’t get in contact with the grates. Rather it radiates heat and distribute equally throughout the grills. Grills lovers frequently use Infrared gas grills at backyard kitchen.


There are different technologies in market for outdoor grills namely Charcoal, Gas and Infrared. So it is essentially important to know each of the technology to know which suits best considering its’ benefits and challenges. So it leads to the basic questions “What are Infrared/ Charcoal/ Gas grills?” or “What are the pros and cons of Infrared/ Charcoal/ Gas grills?”. At the same time grills lover might have interest on “How to make best use of Infrared/ Charcoal/ Gas grills?” or “What are the benefits of Infrared Grills?


Infrared grills emit heat through radiation which is heat waves. So in case of conventional grills air is heated and hot air cooks the food and on the contrary heat emits through infrared radiation in infrared grills, so infrared grills do not produce hot air. And as a result of which Infrared grills can produce much intense heat than conventional ways of grills and make even distribution of heat


Temperature raising acceleration for Infrared grills is much quicker than that of conventional grills. In best case it takes nearly 2 minutes to raise its’ highest temperature. Also infrared grills can produce more temperature than the conventional grills which many at time double while we compare highest temperature of Infrared grills as opposed to Conventional grills


Benefits of using Infrared Grills:


It is fast and quick:

Temperature acceleration is much faster than the traditional one and it can produce much higher temperature than the conventional ones. As a result of which it lessens cooking time. That is why Infrared Grills are becoming popular for the Grills lovers


As because of using infrared technology it is fast and effective and requires less fuel to effectively grill desired items. As a result, cooking in Infrared grills are comparatively cheaper than conventional grilling technology

Evenly distribution of heat:

Use of Infrared technology emits temperature quickly and distribute evenly over the surface. As a result of which we can grill meat/ vegetable or other items efficiently covering all over its’ surfaces. This shall also ensure very less probability of over cooking.

Easy Maintenance:

Infrared Grills are easy to maintain as it produces less trash. This is indeed a good outcome of high temperature

Easy and Flexible:

It is essentially important to know about the temperature variation at different stages of cooking. Temperature adjustment is very easy and simple for infrared grills depending on the the cooking process whether it is grill or barbecue

How to make best use of Infrared grills:

As infrared grills use Infrared radiation to emit heats, it basically heats the plates or grids and transfer heats to the cooking items. So it is essentially  important to put the metallic or ceramic plates or grids on top of the flame.  This will transfer heat to the cooking items like beef/ Chicken steak or other items. As a result of using this technique, grill items like meat steaks remain juicier as opposed to conventional technique. Items exposed to direct fire causes breaking down the moisture blockade of the meat and ultimately cooking items become dry shortly. While using infrared grills, the cooking items do not come to direct contact of fire due to use of plates or grills.

Infrared grills are extremely helpful the keep those meat items juicy and tasty. Also while coming in direct contact with fire it is more likely to create flare-ups caused by liquids with the cooking items.  On the contrary,  it is very unlikely for infrared grills as metallic/ ceramic plates remain in between the fire and cooking items

Subsequently we want to provide you more information of Infrared grills including use of infrared grills, best available infrared grills, pros & cons of infrared grills and so on. Before buying infrared grills it is better to know insights of each technology and the products available in market. This is going to save you while buying your infrared grills.


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