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What is an infrared barbeque grill?




So you’re a complete amateur and you’re looking for a grill for your backyard which leads you to the age old question; which grill should I buy? Honestly at this point, picking a grill is like picking a team. Are you team charcoal? Or are you team Propane? Honestly I never get tired of seeing people argue about this. It is hilarious. It’s practically World War III. You’ll find numerous websites and videos claiming “Charcoal is better” or “Propane beats charcoal” or “It doesn’t matter because it all tastes the same ”. 

There is no lack of opinions on the internet and people are often subjective because they support their respective teams so finding the objective truth becomes difficult .But what if I tell you there’s a third option. An option that is preferred by numerous steakhouses across the world. A grill to beat all grills. Yes,  I’m talking about Infrared. This way you can ditch the whole gas vs charcoal controversy and find an even better grill.  Now the question is “What is an infrared barbeque grill?  “


What is an infrared barbeque grill?


The main difference between infrared grills and conventional grills is that infrared grills have a different type of burner. The burner has a ceramic tile with tiny little holes in it which makes it difficult for the air particles from the grill to flow through, which in turns slows down these hot air particles which then goes on to heat a kind of “metal net” which cooks the meat directly by radiation. On the other hand, the way gas grills work is by heating the air around the meat which can dry it out.

It’s also better than charcoal grills because you have more control over the heat. Infrared grills heat the meat directly which keeps the meat nice and juicy while creating a beautiful charred crust. It’s also very beginner friendly and keeps flare ups to a minimum (flare ups are when grease from the meat gets ignited by the heat of the grill). This makes the best in terms of safety. Infrared grills first came out in the 1980s and have now developed to be one of the best types of gills in the market. These grills have been around for a while now, so it’s not like it’s something entirely new or experimental. You should definitely give it a try.


Why choose infrared?


There are many many advantages to choosing infrared. First of all, the infrared grill has a ridiculously low preheat time (3 to 5 minutes), so you can get cooking much much faster than if you use a conventional grill. Conventional grills work by heating the air around your meat and thus cooking it. Infrared on the other hand, cooks the meat directly, so you get a faster cook time while getting a beautiful, charred crust. It’s no wonder steakhouses prefer this grill, it is a total beast.

The advantages don’t end there though; infrared frills have a greater heat distribution. You can ask any barbecue purist, and they will tell you that even heat distribution is very convenient. Think about it, if your grill is hotter in one place and cooler in another and you’re cooking a dozen burgers in it, will it all be cooked the same? People that have been barbecuing for a long time know where to put the meat and how long to put it here for. Now, you’re not going to develop those instincts overnight, so using infrared is like a cheat code to barbecuing. 

Not to mention you’re gonna get juicer meat this is where infrared is so much better than gas. The gas grill works by heating the air around the meat, but that method has a huge flaw. The hot air dries out that meat and it loses all of its juices. The infrared radiation method on the other hand is very effective in keeping the meat nice and juicy all the while maintaining a nice charred crust. This type of grill is an absolute beast, and I cannot recommend it enough. Plus it’s the safest type of grill by a long shot. It keeps flare ups to an absolute minimum.


Safety should be your number one priority and this grill is going to back you up on that front. It’s a win- win. The only downside is that it is a little expensive. But if you’re going to buy a grill, you might as well buy a good one, and this is the best you can find. Seriously, juicy meat, with a nice crust, what more could you want from your grill?

Choosing the right infrared barbeque grill


Alright, let’s get real, all infrared grills are definitely not equal. So you have to be very careful about what you’re buying. Look at articles and grill reviews before making a choice (no better place to do that than Some manufacturers are going to just replace a gas burner with an infrared burner in a gas grill. You could call that an infrared grill but it is not going to work that well. The reason for that is infrared grills are specially designed to work with the infrared burner.

The shape of the grill and distance from the burner to the food are a very large factor to consider when barbecuing. If the grill isn’t right, the meat can be undercooked or straight up burnt, and we don’t want that, now do we? The most expensive isn’t always the best either, so be careful of what you buy. There are an infinite number of grills out there in the world so listen to the experts, I hope this article has helped you in some small way. 

Barbecuing is an amazing thing to be doing whether it’s for your friends, family or your significant other. It doesn’t matter. A good barbecue puts a smile on everyone’s faces. The fact that you’re here shows that you are picking up this amazing hobby.  So I hope you find your ideal grill. Happy Grilling Folks!!


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