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How Do Grills Work? Best Guide in 2020




‘Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning’, as famous writer William Arthur Ward quoted. And it is the curiosity that leads us to know and learn greater things. However, when you are a cooking enthusiast, it is obvious that you will take an interest to know/ learn about the tools you use for food preparation. And we understand you. Having said that we appreciate your enthusiasm for how grills work. Consequently, we have come up with this article on how different types of grilling solutions work with our years of experience and extensive research.

It goes without saying that since the beginning of civilization humans are quite fond of cooking outdoors. And now a day, what better cooking solution is out there than grilling, right? Having a grilling tool at the backyard of the house, cooking juicy and tasty foods for family, and sometimes for friends is just a universal requirement of anyone. Besides, if you have a grilling machine at the backyard of your house, there will be a supplementary delight to the backyard parties.

If we look back at the history of grilling, we find out that the Caribbean’s Arawak tribe and South America were most likely the origin places of grilling. Sticks were used to generate flame over the fire and meats were placed above it. They used to call this cooking method as Barbacoa. Spain’s conquerors adopted this fantastic cooking idea and gradually developed it until the 18th century. After that south-eastern Americans accepted this cooking idea.

What Is Cooking Grill?

The form of cooking that requires dry heat applied to the food surface, usually from the top, bottom, or from the sides is called grilling. And this cooking process usually requires a substantial amount of direct and beaming heat and tends to be used for cooking different kinds of meats and vegetables promptly.

There are a lot of foodies among us who have a widespread misconception that grilling and barbecuing are the same thing. If you share a similar belief, well, you cannot be more wrong. Let’s settle the argument once and for all. The grilling method is absolutely about cooking food directly over a flame or high heat supply in a quick time frame. Then again, barbecuing is such kind of process where the cooking time frame is slow and steady with indirect heat condition. Quick foods like hamburgers, chicken, steaks, hot dogs, vegetables, and seafood are prepared using this grilling method. On the other hand, foods that require slow and even cooking like ribs, tri-tip, brisket, etc., follow the barbeque cooking method. So, the misconception about grilling and barbecuing being the same cooking process is now as clear as daylight.

What Are The Types Of Cooking Grills?

Grilling can be classified based on methods. For instance, there are Grid-ironing, stove-top pan grilling, charbroiling, flattop grilling, two-sided grilling, overhead grilling, and whole grilling. Again, Grid-ironing includes charcoal kettle-grilling, grill-baking, grill-braising, indoor grilling, sear grilling methods. And overhead grilling includes salamander method.

So far we have described various grilling methods. Now let’s get to the part of cooking grills. After reading the above discussion, you can assume that there must be a lot of cooking grills types. Well, your assumption is right. Below are the types of cooking grills you will find in the grilling solutions’ industry,

  • Gas Grills
    • Propane Gas Grills
    • Natural Gas Grills
    • Infrared Gas Grills
    • Flat-Top Gas Grills
    • Free-Standing Gas Grills
    • Built-In Gas Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
    • Traditional Charcoal Grills
    • Kettle Charcoal Grills
  • Pellet Grills
  • Kamado Grills
    • Ceramic Kamado Grills
    • Stainless Steel Kamado Grills
  • Electric Grills
  • Portable Grills

How Do Grills Work?

Now that you have got the idea about all types of cooking grills out there, let’s get to the main attraction of this article that is ‘How Do Grills Work’ in detail.

  • Gas Grills: One of the most common types of cooking grills is the gas grill. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can go for a gas grill for outdoor cooking anytime.
    • Propane Gas Grills: Propane gas is the fuel in this kind of grills. And propane is stored in transportable containers. These grills are very trouble-free to use.
    • Natural Gas Grills: This kind of grills can collect its fuel just by setting up a link with your home’s natural gas line. You do not have to go to the market for purchasing fuel.
    • Infrared Gas Grills: This technology spreads heat equally and consistently. So grilling becomes faster as the whole grilling surface gets the heat evenly.
    • Flat-Top Gas Grills: Flat top grills ensure juicily cooked foods as no dripping falls underneath grates and vaporize. Again, foods will be less tasty for the same mentioned reason.
    • Free-Standing Gas Grills: The main attraction of this grill is mobility. You do not have to worry about camping, hunting, or fishing when you have this grill.
    • Built-In Gas Grills: This kind of grills is made to the enduring structure. You can arrange larger gatherings for partying if you follow the appropriate design.
  • Charcoal Grills: You just have to light the coals and manage the fire when you get a charcoal grill for outdoor cooking. When you crave a classic smoky flavor, the charcoal grill is the best solution.
    • Traditional Charcoal Grills: With the cast-iron built and changeable charcoal pans, you can manage the cooking temperature to enjoy better-cooked foods.
    • Kettle Charcoal Grills: This grill is best for almost all needs. As its size is small and offers easy portability, you can enjoy a smoky barbecue flavor even when camping, fishing, etc.
  • Pellet Grills: Wood pellets with flavor are the fuel of pellet grills. Cherry, apple, maple, etc. flavors create different levels of cooking experience.
  • Kamado Grills: We think this grill deserves classification as offers entirely exceptional cooking experience.
    • Ceramic Kamado Grills: Its best feature is heat retention as it can offer cooking at up to 750 degree Fahrenheit.
    • Stainless Steel Kamado Grills: This grill is less heavy and cannot retain heat as the ceramic ones.
  • Electric Grills: If you prefer indoor cooking and fast result, this grill is for you.
  • Portable Grills: These grills offer easy portability and mostly used for hunting, fishing, camping.

Our Final Words

In conclusion, grilling techniques vary from region to region. If you dig deeper, you will find out that the Asians, the Germans, the Mexicans, the Argentineans & the Uruguayans, the Swedish, the Europeans, and the Americans have their specific kinds of cooking grills.

We suggest you choose your grill as per your requirements.

“Happy Grilling”…

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