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Char Griller Reviews in 2022

In the rather lengthy affair of char griller review you are going to get next, I will try my best to divulge sincere information about a few products from a renowned grill-producing company named, ‘Char Griller’.

Char-Griller is a company set out business about 25 years ago and has generated about $ 14M in sales revenues in the four quarters of 2019. The company has about 65 employees and they have made a name among the local grilling enthusiasts.

Their product ranges from traditional charcoal grills to dual-fuel grillers with the latest additions of pellet grills. But before getting enamored with char griller reviews, let me present a few stats about grilling which surely will get you amazed:

  • About 75% of adult Americans have a grill or smoker.
  • A whopping 63% of grill owners grill or smoke meat or fish all year round and believe it or not, even in the winter, 43% of them use their grill at least once.
  • To be honest, this bit of information has had even me bedazzled – 11% of grill owners cooked their breakfast in their grills last year.

Grilling is so quintessentially American!

Mankind’s journey towards modern civilization began with the fascination with flames, maybe over a million years ago. As playing with fire often calls for uncalled consequences, it also brought us the most popular method of cooking in the world over. And the Americans remembered the old flame like no other nations in the world.

Indeed the US has an extensive and flamboyant history with grilling.  Centuries of devotion, obsession, fascination, innovation, and a few servings of pragmatic experimentation have resulted in finding the perfect way for grilling up juicy cuts of meat, and sometimes fish without burning the food – or the pitmaster and the adjacent properties – in the procedure.

But Why Do We, The Americans, Love Grilling?

Really, why do the Americans love grilling so much? There are many reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons people usually come up when they are asked about it.

Sentimental Longing: Almost every American kid has a loving memory of his father grilling in the backyard. And it also brings the memory of grandpa, granny, uncles, aunts, cousins and literally the whole family’s gathering together and spending quality time with each other.

Homemade Healthy Food: As more Americans are becoming aware of negative impacts of unhealthy processed foods, they are turning to grill as it serves as the source of their favorite foods without compromising the associative health issues. Grilling requires very little oil and burns the fats off of the meats; both are conducive in keeping the heart healthy. Again, there is very little use of processed ingredients and the consumption of pure protein builds the muscle without accumulating fats.

Breathe in The Fresh Air:  Many grills only for the chance of being in the fresh air. Indeed, the Americans spend very little leisurely time in the sunshine and grilling provides the opportunity for some much-needed vitamin D time.

A Great Way To Get Everybody Together:  Even if we forget all the other actual benefits of grilling, the medium for bringing everyone together should make grilling every American family’s favorite pastime. It is such an occasion that it is almost impossible to ignore the invitation to be in someone’s backyard and let go the chance of gulping juicy prime ribs. So, it is no wonder that Americans have made grilling a must-do activity on the weekends of the summer, and also throughout the rest of the year.

Maybe you are just starting a family of your own and a nice little grill will boost your overall ‘getting started’ feel-good emotions. Or you may want to have a new grill because the old one is malfunctioning. How about you simply want to add another variation in your collection of grills?

For whichever reason you decide to get a new grill, please read my char griller reviews about the best-selling models from the company Char Griller. I also want you to know that, for this char griller review; I have specifically tested grills that use only charcoal as fuel. Next, I will do the reviews about the gas grillers as well, hope you will join me as well.

9 Top Char Griller’s Reviews

Smokin’ Pro™ Charcoal Grill

Product link on Amazon

General Overview:

It is at its core a Texas-style smoker. Since barrel-style grills have a cult following among the meatheads, its affection still stands true to old aficionados. The main element of the body of the Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill is the heavy gauge steel with a heat resistant black powder coating on the exterior. It has two wheels to make it easier to move around.  There is a temperature gauge on the lid and storage at the lower shelf to hold charcoal bags which also gives stability to the base of the grill. The grate is made of cast iron with a protective non-stick layer. The grate has three different heights which you can adjust manually as per your need. You can also use the smoker attached to the unit as a primary cooking chamber.

The unique build of the size and length of the primary grill grates enables hybrid grilling. Let me give you an example – you can set a hot pile of coal on the right side and a small fire on the left, and grill whole chicken wings on the left and bones on the right. The ingredients won’t mix with each other and flare ups from dripping won’t happen. In short, you have something for everyone.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 850 square inches
  • Length 62 inches
  • Width 29 inches
  • Height 50 inches
  • Weight 117.5 pounds.


  • Durable construction
  • Ease of using both as a grill or a smoker
  • Company provides ample coverage of warranty
  • It is easy to clean the charcoal drawer
  • Grate height can be adjustable in three different heights
  • The price is unbeatable in its range of grills from other companies


  • Assembling can be a bit of a challenge if you DIY is not your forte
  • Grate can’t be adjusted if you feel the need to do it while grilling
  • Hinges of the smoker can drip water drops if being used in rain
  • The cleaning of the whole unit can pose a challenge

Price Check :


Legacy Charcoal Grill:

Product link on Amazon

General Overview:

This grill has dual dampers, heat gauge and triple wall steel with adequate insulation which ensure a superior experience in grilling. You can remove the ash pan easily and so clean afterward isn’t hard.  Its double-layered bottom provides heat retention which is very handy for maintaining overall cooking quality. Its fire grate is adjustable and the moveable grate height lets adding more fuel while keeping the hood closed. The attachable side firebox makes it a Texas-style smoker. Its wheels are 8 inches in diameter which makes it easily moveable. It has a warming rack, a handy utensil hook and a sturdy side shelf.  The lid has a temperature gauge which makes it easier to check the temperature to maintain the quality of foods. It is one of the best grills for cooking with indirect heat and its searing effect can make the meats succulent, juicy, without damaging the textures.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 870 square inches
  • Length 61 inches
  • Width 27 inches
  • Height 51 inches
  • Weight 122 pounds.


  • Heavy-duty durable construction
  • Ample grilling surface
  • Juicy flavors don’t get tinged with metallic influence
  • Setting up isn’t much of a challenge
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • The price is very competitive


  • It is not air tight after closing the lid
  • Cheap welding in the hinges
  • Creates too much smoke
  • Weight is on the heavier side compared with its counterpart from other manufacturers.

Check Price:


Deluxe Griller Charcoal Grill:


It is a decent mid-level performer and it keeps giving hassle-free performance during its moderate lifespan. Its charcoal tray is adjustable. The cast-iron grate is easy to rise to the appropriate height which lets you have the cooking adjustments for different types of meat. But the grate requires regular cleaning to keep the rusts off from infecting the coating.  Its warming rack adds additional space to its main cooking area. You can heat the surface area of the grill at two different heat levels which enables you to cook different items at the same time. You cannot use this grill as a smoker. According to the company website, this grill can cook 34 burgers at the same time. Its easy-to-use dump ash pan is a nice touch. There is a utensil hook attached with the wooden side-rack which helps to hook forks, spatula and some other necessary utensils. As a result, the pitmaster can reduce general cluttering during cooking.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 850 square inches
  • Length 42 inches
  • Width 29 inches
  • Height 50 inches
  • Weight 88 pounds.


  • Rotisserie Adaptable
  • Front Storage Basket
  • Side Fire-Box compatible
  • Powder-coating finish gives it a sleek look
  • Best for small-sized family gatherings
  • Easy to set up and requires little space in the backyard


  • Within its price range, competitor companies offer more for the same amount of money
  • Regular cleaning is must, otherwise will be damaged and longevity might get shortened
  • Creates too much smoke
  • Weak leg caps make it troublesome, might get broken if you move it around too much.


  • The price for this unit is $ 139.99

 Premium Red Kettle Charcoal Grill:

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The Char-Griller premium Kettle charcoal grill & smoker has established the new standard for kettle grill. Unlike the typical kettle grills, it comes with a hinged lid which lets you keep your hands free for a bottle of lemonade in your hands. You can cook a turkey on the cooking surface of this grill. Rest assured that you can place the appropriate turkey on the cooking surface which will be big enough to feed all of the 8 members of your family. It has a dual-damp control mechanism that enables you to adjust the airflow for precision control of temperature. Also, there is the in-built temperature gauge and this gauge will make controlling temperature easy. It has foldable side shelves allowing food-preparing convenience and hassle-free storage. Easy dump ash pan lets you clean easily and through the charcoal access point, add charcoal whenever you feel the need for it. A NY strip or a Boston-Butt – throw whatever at it and it will respond in kind.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 379 square inches
  • Length 30 inches
  • Width 28 inches
  • Height 41 inches
  • Weight 62 pounds.


  • Easily portable
  • Easy assembling
  • You can try craftsmanship in cooking with this device
  • The look oozes cool
  • Durable built quality will ensure longevity
  • Cleaning is easier.


  • Not enough grilling space
  • Poor venting
  • Grill is too far from the fire grate
  • Unstable
  • Always need additional charcoal to bring the heat up

King Griller Smokin Ace Charcoal Grill:

This unit is a lopsided addition from the company for the grilling purists and backyard pitmasters alike.  It is a versatile cooking machine for not only grilling meat but produces fantastic steamed vegetables, soft and succulent burgers, hotdogs as well. It has all the usual assortments a modern grilling machine can ask for. It has built-in temperature gauge, adjustable fire grates and a side firebox with an easy to clean ash-drawer.  Stainless steel body of the griller ensures a long lasting life succeeding regular amateur and pro usage. Its warming rack is ideal for melting cheese for the burgers. Also, the warming rack can cook the ribs at a deliberate slow-burning pace to keep the texture of the succulent ribs flowing without getting tampered.  Its front shelves are foldable and side selves are fixed which provides additional space for food prep, keeping the condiments at disposal all the time and mostly arranging the utensils in order.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 954 square inches
  • Length 56 inches
  • Width 30 inches
  • Height 46 inches
  • Weight 94.72 pounds.


  • Utensil hook
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Bottom storage rack
  • Perfect for large family gatherings
  • Various items can be cooked
  • Portable.


  • Takes too much time to light
  • Difficult to set up
  • Smokes too much
  • Overall cleaning is time-consuming
  • Required careful placing.


  • The price for this unit is $ 169.99

Akron Kamado Charcoal Grill:

Product link on Amazon

The Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill is an insulated steel egg that has a double-mounted wall for which durability is second nature. As you have continued reading my char griller reviews for the products from the company Char-Griller, it should be clear to you by now that people recognize this company as an outfit making grills that cost less to make and so it can charge less to customers as well. The ingenuity here is to replace ceramic for modern lightweight materials. This genius approach retains almost the same performance of traditional Kamados costing only a fraction of the original product.  This fantastic product is easy to move, lightweight and you are free from the fear of dropping them down. The lid of the egg and the body also are approximately one inch thick and insulated in steel. The outside and the inside surface areas are respectively powder and porcelain coated. It has a three-legged cart with a bottom shelf and two side shelves with tool hooks. It has a handy slot for using the ‘Smokin’ stone which fits effortlessly between the coal and the grate and can disseminate heat for slow cooking.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 447 square inches
  • Length 45 inches
  • Width 31 inches
  • Height 47 inches
  • Weight 97 pounds.


  • Craftsmanship
  • Longevity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Require less cleaning time
  • Easy to move


  • Fuel leaks
  • Poor venting
  • Rusts out quickly
  • Problematic gasket used for attaching the lid

Check Price On Amazon:

Patio Pro Charcoal Grill:

Product link on Amazon

This is a  unit perfect for people who live in apartment blocks, or for people who love camping and hiking. It is also great for easy storing and you can move it with ease and comfort. It is best for cooking for three or four people. There is a charcoal drawer on one side and a small shelf on the other. The stay-cool handle is a great option for unmindful touching. Though the stay-cool handle is a pretty basic apparatus for safety of the hands, many pricier models tend to ignore it completely. This model comes with only one large vent which understandably makes it difficult to control temperatures. At the bottom, the four legs of the grill are attached with steel structure which gives the device stability. There is an extra layer at the bottom of the griller which gives it durability.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 250 square inches
  • Length 31 inches
  • Width 21 inches
  • Height 44 inches
  • Weight 50 pounds.


  • Wheels make it handy for transporting
  • Lightweight design
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Utensil hook


  • Grilling surface might be felt a little too less
  • Poor venting
  • Poor temperature control
  • Leakage of grease
  • No temperature gauge

Check Price:


Wrangler Charcoal Grill:

The company uses thick stamped steel to make this particular model. It has a heat resistant coating of black powder. The bottom is double in thickness which prevents the firebox from burning out from long term grilling. The lid consists of a built-in temperature gauge which lets you control the cooking temperature. There is a drawer for keeping the charcoals with an easily removable ash pan. The grill grate comes with three different adjustable settings for different heights as you might need to control overheating the meats. If you want to put the meat directly over the heat, set the grate as low as possible. For chicken, you should raise it up. For the bone-in cuts, set the grate all the way up. This setting is also necessary for items like stuffed pork chops. If you want a slow burning effect without burning the exterior, the highest position is the go-to setting for you. One thing of importance you need to keep in mind is that changing the grate height would be awkward if not impossible if you want to do it after lighting the charcoal. So don’t forget to adjust the grate height accordingly before you ignite the charcoals. The removable warming rack is also good for heating the food. But beware of foods rolling out of the rack. If you are cooking for a lot of people just remove the rack altogether for the time being.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 435 square inches
  • Length 35 inches
  • Width 29 inches
  • Height 50 inches
  • Weight 76 pounds.


  • Keep the flavors intact
  • Affordable comparing to cooking quality
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Portable


  • Can be proved difficult to set up for use
  • Cleaning it can a dreadful chore
  • Wobbly
  • Need bending time to time which can be painful physically


  • The price for this unit is $ 109.99

Grand Champ Charcoal Grill:

As in line with most other models from Char-Griller, the company uses heavy duty stainless steel to manufacture the body of this model. It has grates coated with porcelain which makes it easier to clean after the grate gets messy with oil dripping from the fats of the meat.

You simply need a scrub to brush it off. The Grand Champ model has a clean-out tool which is a nice little addition within this price range. As it is mounted on large, strong wheels you can  move it with ease. It has a spacious front shelf which you can use for preparing the meat before closing the lid.

Its heavy duty steel construction makes it durable.There is a dual damper control apparatus which makes the meat however juicy or succulent you want. This model also has the safety inducing stay cool handles and a front shelf, bottom storage rack and utensil hook.

Product Specifications:

  • Total cooking area is about 443 square inches
  • Length 37 inches
  • Width 34 inches
  • Height 60 inches
  • Weight 98 pounds.


  • Affordable comparing with similar products from other companies
  • Portable


  • Difficult to set up
  • Cleaning is a problem
  • Impractical reasoning


Out of Stock, You Can visit for Similar Product

I have selected the above models from the viewpoint of being practical and day-to-day user friendliness.   Another reason for selecting those models is that they are available from all the regular high street sellers and online outlets. The accessories for those models are also available, and the price range is moderate covering the lowest to the pricier ones. I can only wish that my reasoning resonates with the mass of everyday Joes who love to grill for fun, for food, for  the family.

A Few Nooks And Cranny About Grills

Since our primitive ancestors burnt hunted animals over open fire, we are all for cooking outside. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Americans took it a notch over with their ridiculous love for burned meat.  Years of sensation for cooking outdoors enabled American innovators up their game, maybe a bit too high.

The result is, when you want to buy a grill for your familial use, you literally have to research as the options out in the marketplace are innumerable. From uncomplicated charcoal grills to high-end gas grills with cool-looking kamado grills – the variety is vast.

The principle of most grills is similar though. Through burning fuel, the griller produces heat. With that heat, foods are cooked. There is a grate to keep raw meat or fish where they get direct heat. And that heat gets the food cooked.

But choosing the one with which will serve you best is the decision best you should make. And when you take the decision, you need to base your decision on several things. Let me give you a few ideas – what type of grilling you will be doing, the size of your family, the depth of your purse, your experience with cooking open air etc are the catalysts that should influence your decision.

Among the deciding factors, I just want to remind you about one – the price. The range for price spread is really wide but always keep it in mind that the higher cost doesn’t make a grill superior to its less costly counterparts. More money simply transpires more power, more square inches for the cooking space or some extra cool-looking features which you might never feel the necessity to use ever.

Some diehard meatheads have more than one grill for different purposes – let’s say they possess one gas grill which they frequent for everyday cooking, for tailgating they have one portable grill and a smoker for special family or official gatherings.

See my point? You won’t find a grill that is custom-made for meeting every demand you can ever think of.  Still, I am going to give a few ideas to mull over before you make up your mind.

What To Look For When You Buy A Grill?

Please read carefully the list of factors you should be considered before spending money for a grill:

  • Fuel:

The first deciding factor should be the fuel which you are going to use for grilling. Grocery stores, hardware outlets, convenience stops and even gas stations can supply charcoal briquettes.

The problem you might face for using charcoal is that it is sometimes problematic to ignite and you need a bit of preparation-time to use them. You will need a propane tank or a set up of connection with the supply line of natural gas at your home for the gas grill. Propane is handy for grilling but it is not as readily available as charcoal.

The new addition wood pellets and lump charcoal adds a unique flavor which grilling-purists are always after but they are not readily available around the corner all the time. So you need to know in advance from where you can get them.

Electric grills are free from all the user unfriendliness all the other types possess but the catch here is it is unable to deliver the quality of flavor the others can do. For electric grills, you just need a socket with an electricity connection to start using. So, judging the above pros and cons of different types, you need to select one which can give you the best value for your money.

  • BTUs:

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is essentially a unit for measuring energy. I’m sure you have come across BTU while buying energy stoves or air conditioners. For the grillers, higher BTUs stand for burning more fuel to transform more heat. But higher BTU doesn’t always get you the better deal. A unit produced from aluminum with higher BTU will get heated quickly but it will release the heat way quicker than you might have wanted.

  • Space For Actual Grilling takes Place:

The manufacturer will let you know about the square inches you will get and you will also know the numbers of burgers, steaks or hot dogs you can make at one go . But if you consider yourself an adventurous soul and prove it to the wife, you would want to aim for more real estate to cook large pieces of meat like a whole chicken or even a wild turkey (the ‘wild’ part is optional). But I believe going for a bit bigger will always serve you better.

  • Size and Convenience Of Moving:

The range of grillers size is amazingly varied. From built-in types that require permanent installation to little portable ones that you can slot nicely in the trunk of your vehicle to the sizes where it takes 2-3 people just to move it – indeed grillers come in all sizes and shapes. But from your part, you should be thinking about the available space of your backyard or how easily you can reposition if needs arise.

  • The Material Of The Grate:

Grates can be made from different materials. The most popular constituents of grills are enameled cast iron and stainless steel. The funny thing is, in terms of cooking performance or ease of maintenance, the difference between the grates is negligible.

The only thing that matters most is the longevity that is offered by different elements. The coating on cast iron will eventually crack and it will lead the grate becoming rusty, though it takes time. Stainless steel is rust proof but they will get discolored in time. Chrome plated grills also last long enough to get the most ‘bang’ for your ‘bucks’.

  • Body Of The Grill:

The materials of the body of the grills also vary widely. Manufacturers use sort of compound metals to manufacture grills, with the exception of Kamado grills where ceramic is the main element of the body of the grill. The grill maker never uses the elemental form of singular metals. For the body, stainless and coated steel ensure longevity. Coated steel gives you the option to choose from different colors. They also remain undamaged as long as the coating stays intact.

Safety Measures For Using Charcoal Grills:

With the approaching summer fast, every grill-loving household is getting ready to practice their culinary exploration through meat burning. The Americans love for home grilling is second to none. But, however fun the backyard grilling may be, it is a dangerous pursuit if the required safety measures are overlooked.

The National Fire Association (NFPA) has reported that every year there are about 9600 home fire incidents take place throughout the US and the reasons for the fire are primarily grill incidents, hibachis or barbecues-prompting. Charcoal causing fires take up a healthy portion of the total figures of the fire incidents. The number of fire incidents happening due to charcoal grilling is about 1300.  Usually July is the month when most fire incidents happen.

The above numbers should make it abundantly clear that grill safety is anything but a joke. You might be a pro and have been using grills of all sorts for a long time. But please remember, that doesn’t make you immune from fire hazards. Anyone who is using fire, should keep it under control in every conceivable scenario.

Let me tell you a few things about fire safety when you cook using grills.

Before You Start Cooking:

Before the slab of the meat or the hamburgers find their last resting piece before making their ways into your digestive tracts, a few things you should follow that might let you enjoy your foods for the days to come:

  • You should never light the grill inside your garage. Please remember that your garage is a place where you store extremely flammable chemicals. And those being together in the same confined space beget only the inevitable.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of about 10 meters from your house, wooden fences, hanging branches, the dog’s pit, or even the trampoline.
  • Make sure you bring the clothes back to the house from the lines after they are dry.
  • Orientate the griller over a flat surface; and stabilize the base of the device.
  • Keep the lid open of the grill for a few minutes before you get near to it for lighting. Let condensed gas, if there was any; get removed from there with natural air flow.
  • Light the grilling device with a long branch of matchbox or use a custom made igniter for lighting the grill. Many people ignore this simple safety measure taking their match-lighting prowess too seriously.
  • Stop wearing loose fitting dresses while you prepare food on the grill.
  • Try to avoid positioning the grill on the path of natural airflow. If it’s a windy day when you are barbecuing, sparks can travel long and before you know it, you might find yourself wishing you gave the fire safety measures the serious consideration they deserved.


While You Are Cooking:

Congratulations for paying heed to my sincere suggestions and follow them to the letter before you even start cooking. Since you are properly set up by positioning your grill in a safe distance, you can go to the next level of safety measures while you start cooking:

  • A grill should always be manned, you can never leave it unattended. You may find it objectionable since grilling sometimes requires a considerable amount of time, still you need to follow the safety precaution.
  • Children can never be in close proximity to a grill. It only increases the chance of the child’s getting hurt.
  • Long-handled tools are available everywhere, you should get a set of those for your safety
  • At the time of working with the grill, always use fire-retardant mitts.
  • Keep track of the direction towards which the wind is blowing. Wind blows the sparks and it is always dangerous.
  • Using water on a fire created over grease will only enhance it. So instead of water, spread baking soda over the fire.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher at your disposal at all times.
  • Keep your pets on a leash. The pets may mistake the grill as one of their play-thing.

When You Finish Cooking:

Before your loved ones gather around the backyard for quality time while gulping down juicy meats, you need to ensure you complete the followings just to make sure nothing unwarranted ever happens:

  • Let the grill cool off completely.
  • Clean the inside of the device and remove the debris to a metal container with a tight-fighting lid. When the metal container is full of debris, close the lid tight.
  • Store the lighter fuel, matches and lighters away in a safe place from where children can never get them.

Believe me, following these simple, easy to apply safety tricks are enough to reduce the numbers NFPA has to remind us every year.

There you go. My attempt to let you know everything about charcoal grilling with char griller reviews is now complete. If you find my endeavor helpful, my work will be rewarded. And if you find my writing problematic, please do me a favor and help me to correct it by letting me know about it.

Thank You.

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