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The 8 best smokers under 300 in your town





If it’s time to replace your smokey cooker set, or if you’re buying one for the first time, then you want it to be the best on the market. There are lots of various smokey cookers available, and some are very costly.You need to understand what to watch for. The task can appear very daunting, but don’t despair; we are here to assist you. We’ve done all the work for you and make this buyer’s direction to help you make a better decision. From this content, you will know about the best smokers under 300. Your next smokey cooker set is more than likely to be on this list, so keep reading!


Getting know: The best smokers under 300

 Covered by a lifetime warranty and capable of retaining its non-stick coating in almost any cooking condition or method, it makes this the last set of non-stick pans you’ll ever buy. The smokey cooker’s versatility and compatibility will permit you to use them in any form without having to worry about anything.

Finding a smokey cooker is easy, but narrowing down your search to good options isn’t. The following guide makes that process easier for you by looking at some of the best ceramic cookware options on the market. We have selected 8 smokey cookers that will help you to buy at least one product.

Modern brands offer hundreds of various smokey cooker. The number of options is huge, which makes the process of finding the best smokers under 300 USD. That’s why we want to help you: use our list of the outdoor electric smoker to make the right decision. We’ve been working on the digital electric smoker list for hours! Our team has tested and compared the best models of various brands and selected 8 smokey cooker with the best quality / price ratio. After 8 hours of research, we have selected those cookers. Don’t worry; we are here to assist you. Let’s start one by one.


Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

The first product from our list is weber 14-inch smokey cooker. This appliance is really versatile because it allows not only to grill meat, fish, or vegetables but also to prepare tasty grilled sandwiches, indeed. It is probably the best use that can be made of weber other series. There are two possible ways of cooking: keeping it closed so that the food receives heat from both below and above (the distance of the upper grill can be adjusted) or by opening it. In this way, you have two separate grids to cook a greater amount of food and prepare different dishes at the same time without mixing the flavors: let’s think of meat and fish. Don’t worry; the food won’t stick as the grills are non-stick.

Another aspect that we have positively evaluated is the uniformity of cooking. In fact, the plates heat up quickly and in the same way in each area. Just set the power with the thermostat. Nevertheless, not a few people have been disappointed by the cooking of the meat. It is a high end offset smokers.

In particular, the complaints focus on the excessive time required to cook the steaks even after waiting the necessary time. The results are far from what can be obtained with a barbecue. To plate the sandwiches, however, the weber 14-inch smokey cooker is excellent as well with toasts that are prepared in a very quick time and with outstanding results.


Main advantage:

  • To prepare sandwiches and toast, it is really an excellent solution.
  • It takes a short time, and the crust becomes crunchy while if there is cheese.
  • It becomes stringy.

Main disadvantage:

  • Cleaning is a bit complicated, or at least cleaning is done well.
  • The plates cannot be removed, so they cannot be put in water.

Rating: 9.7 / 10

The griddle is versatile: it cooks sandwiches as well as meat and fish. It heats up quickly and cooking is uniform but nowhere near comparable to what you can get with a barbecue.


CUISINART CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel

The second product from our list is CUISINART CGG-888. It is one of the best smokers under 300. Which barbecue heating plate to buy? We suggest considering, firstly, the model of the well-known British manufacturer The Fulham Group: it is in black stainless steel, with two plates that open horizontally at 360 ° to form a grid. It can contain five portions of meat or vegetables. Thanks to its 1800 W of power, it cooks meat, bread, toast, etc. well. This smoker is one of the best premium offset smokers on the market.

Beautiful and elegant design, well finished, heats quickly and is equipped with a practical tray to collect the grease, while the non-stick coating is easy to clean.

It is a product with good quality plates that keep the temperature well: very functional for heating and cooking. Very competitive price, within everyone’s reach: for us, it is the best barbeque plate.

Main advantage

  • It is not the most powerful of those we suggest but it has the best ratio between power and economic investment required.
  • Grills and other dishes will be cooked to perfection in no time.
  • The plate can be opened 360 degrees to widen the surface on which to grill.
  • It is, therefore, possible to prepare two stuffed sandwiches at a time and up to five pieces of meat in a single “grill”.

Main disadvantage

  • Given the great power, a knob would have been useful to adjust and lower the temperature if necessary.
  • At this price, however, it is really difficult to ask for more.

Rating: 9.6/10

It is easy to use and even cleaning does not require much effort. The plates are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and the grease automatically ends up in the designated container.



CUISINART COS-330 is one of the popular smokey cookers like CUISINART CGG-888. At this point we are pleased to talk about what for us is the best professional smoke cooker. It is a Quality product, robust, very powerful thanks to its 1500 watt, has the following dimensions: 19.88″ L x 17.32″ W x 33.3″ H. The weight is 59 lb. This smoker is one of the best offset smoker under $300 from my list.

The base plate is smooth, and the upper one is ribbed. Both are in cast iron for uniform heat diffusion, while the base is in steel. The temperature is flexible from 100°F to 400° with a knob. There is no on / off switch but two lights are indicating on / off and heating. The plate is equipped with a practical tray to collect the grease and a brush for cleaning. Ideal for cooking different types of food such as meat and fish without them sticking to the plates. Price not for all budgets but remember that it is a product for professional use.

We conclude the review again by talking about the most important advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Main advantage

  • With the Casselin proposal, we moved to a professional product, consequently equipped with superior characteristics.
  • In this case, the power of 1500 watts, the cast iron plates, and the cleaning brush included in the price stand out.
  • Thanks to the thermostat knob, it is possible to adjust the plates’ temperature as desired, adapting it to the needs of the different dishes. It goes from 100 degrees up to 400.

Main disadvantage

  • With a power of 2200 watts, consumption will inevitably be considerable.

Rating: 9.5/10

It is the best budget-friendly cookers like CUISINART CGG-888.  The basic difference of this two product is not so far. Just have a different prize value.


Cuisinart COS-116 Vertical Smoker, 16″ Charcoal

The Cuisinart COS-116 model stands out among the best meat plates sold online. Less powerful than the previous one (1300 W in this case) it is also less expensive. The plates measuring about 22 x 11 cm are extracted by pressing a button and can be washed with great practicality under running water. They also have an easy-to-clean non-stick coating. The particular design allows storing the product also vertically. The finishes are satin black with stainless steel logo.

The model is compact, suitable for two side-by-side toasts, aesthetically pleasing. It boasts good performance in both heating and cooking: fish, hamburgers, meats, etc.

It has no on / off button, but it turns on when plugged in, and two red and green lights indicate the status. It warms up quickly enough. It has a compartment for housing the cable, while the handle is integrated. In general, the product has an excellent quality/price ratio. Let’s continue the review by analyzing in more detail the merits and defects of the product and organizing them in a useful list.

 Main advantage

  • Taking home a quality tool like this at such a low price is always a great deal, especially if you aren’t in a frantic rush to cook, and the reduced power isn’t a problem.
  • Here is the element that has most received enthusiastic opinions of buyers.
  • The plates can be removed in seconds so that they can be washed separately and thoroughly.

Main disadvantage

  • The limited power of 1400 watts causes the instrument to take longer than desirable to heat up and cook. However, cooking is always done perfectly.

Rating: 4.3/10

The compact, modern and attractive design (see stainless steel logo) gives an extra gear to the Cuisinart COS-116 plate, which can also be stored vertically as well as horizontally.


Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20071117 is one of the best digital electric smokers on my list. Continuing with our purchase advice, a good product that we want to point out is the model of the USA company Masterbuilt Manufacturing, LLC. It is a 2200 watt black and silver contact plate/grill with stainless steel finishes. An interesting feature present here is the ability to adjust the temperature with a knob.

The four plates open horizontally and heat up rather quickly. Furthermore, they can be removed by pressing a button to be cleaned with great comfort thanks to the chrome-coated smoking racks. The upper plate is tilting and adapts to the different sizes of the dishes to be cooked. The product is supplied with two accessories: a small tray to collect the grease and an anti-scratch fork.

Practical, versatile, solid model has a handle that allows you to tighten the surfaces well. There is a on / off switch on this cooker. The price is affordable; in general, we are talking about one of the best-selling barbecue plates. Available at low prices, the Masterbuilt MB20071117 of the USA brand boasts several interesting qualities, which could prompt you to buy it. Let’s see them below,  with the identified defects.


Main advantage

  • The plates, in addition to being well non-stick, also have other advantages. First, they both heat up and can be detached from the main body and cleaned thoroughly.
  • The upper plate is tilting and thus adapts to the different thickness of the food.
  • Excellent ability to adjust the temperature, with greater control over the final result.

Main disadvantage

  • Defect in common with many other plates, but always annoying.

Rating: 9.3/10

As you may have noticed, the Masterbuilt MB20071117 offers a good number of useful features, all at a very competitive and interesting price.


Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20073519 Digital Electric Smoker proposes a barbecue plate ideal for bringing home the taste and crunchiness of the preparations you can enjoy in the center’s pubs. It has Bluetooth Smart technology that permits you to regulate the temperature. This smokey cooker is consists of 4 chrome-coated smoking frameworks.

It has good power, sufficient to heat, and its condiments well to treat yourself to an original and delicious dinner without having to leave the house. A whim that allows you to check the ingredients chosen to bring to the table at the source. Moreover, the price also favors this plate, which with low investment, offers performances worthy of attention.

Both plates are heated and open completely like a book to be used using the entire extension or to crush meats rich in delicious ingredients. Being able to have two plates at the same level, the appliance is genuinely versatile and ingenious. It can be used to grill meat, fish to maximize its yield and not let it collect dust in the kitchen. It is also apparent to modify the height of the top plate to spread the heat evenly but without crushing too much of what you are cooking.

A beautiful griddle for home use that pairs well with professional colleagues in terms of performance and resistance. Although less suitable for intensive use such as that in delicatessens. Let’s see the technical characteristics that best describe them.

Main advantage

  • There are 2000 W of total power for this plate, which reaches the optimal temperature quickly.
  • It offers a rather large cooking surface, you can take advantage of both 30×23 cm plates, doubling the useful space.

Main Disadvantages

  • Unlike other models designed for domestic use, here it is not possible to disassemble the plates to wash them thoroughly after cooking.
  • You will need to wash them directly on the appliance, taking care not to overdo it with detergent or water that could end up inside.

Rating: 9.5/10

The rating of this product is much enough and the popularity is increasing day by day.


Realcook Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill

Realcook  BBQ Smoker is one of the popular smokey cookers at Amazon,eBay, and other sites. It is very easy to cleaning and transport friendly. The tray collects the grease, dishwasher safe cooking surfaces, detachable legs, and resealable lid to store everything in the appliance. This smoking typically using low heat with a longer cycle. It needs 200°F to 275°F range. Normally the time varies on your temperature.  This cooker is consists of painted steel with a high-temperature resistant layer. This cooker is durable in your daily use. The function permits the door for checking the foods.

This smokey cooker has a combination features a plancha, griddle with chrome-stick coating, and a large lid that doubles as a wok. It’s size all about W25 x H41 x D20 inch (mounted with legs); gas consumption 145 g / h; boiling in 6 minutes and 5 seconds; weight 4.  Get the party started with the party grill, essential for camping and festivals with many accessories to grill or cook all your favorite foods with one appliance.

Main advantage

  • The system allows you to remove all parts for the dishwasher in less than 60 seconds and wash them.
  • It has Endless cooking options.
  • This cooker includes an adjustable air vent.

Main disadvantage

  • Cleaning is a bit complicated, or at least cleaning is done well.
  • At this price, however, it is really difficult to ask for more.

Rating: 9.7/10

The rating of this product is much better. You will get hundreads of review on the amazon and eBay.


PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Lp Gas Smoker

The final product from our list is pit boss 77435 gas smoker. It is one of the outdoor electric smokers from my list. This product is budget-friendly and suitable for a delicious grill. You can make various types of grill using this cooker.  The color of this smoker is red with a dual burner system that provides a 100-350 temperature range. There are three porcelain coated cooking grids present that are 800 square in the stainless steel burners. It has a large viewing window with a high-temperature door seal.

Easily transportable, it is equipped with a foldable side shelf, a covered cylinder holder, and a front storage basket. This has a temperature indicator, Front storage basket, Cylinder cover. The dimension of this product is 21.5 x 23 x 47 inches, and with a light-weight(59 pounds).  This product is originally manufacturing by Pit Boss Grills company. Let’s follow its advantages and disadvantages before buying this cooker.

Main advantage

  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • It takes a short time, and the crust becomes crunchy while if there is cheese.
  • It becomes stringy.

Main disadvantage

  • Given the great power, a knob would have been useful to adjust and lower the temperature if necessary.
  • Sometimes the temperature is so high.

Rating: 9.8/10

The rating of this product is much better than the previos one. So before buying take a look on the amazon.


The factor you should consider before buying a smokey cooker ( Buying Guide)


#1 Cooking surface: 

The first factor to consider when evaluating the purchase of a smokey cooker relates to the characteristics of the cooking surface that the appliance has. Because these are indicative of the quantity and type of food that can be additional cooking methods. In the following list, we analyze in detail the elements that must be evaluated to choose a device in line with your needs and expectations of use:

  • Size of the surface:

    This is the element that makes the most difference and which makes a barbecue suitable for grilling just a couple of hamburgers now and then or, instead, for preparing great grills with friends and family. You will therefore have to ask yourself how much food you want to grill at one time to select the category that best suits your wants.

#2 Quality of the grill :

We should open a long parenthesis on the grill since its quality is the element that most differentiates a really performing gas barbecue from another rather poorer one. Two types of bars can form the grids of better quality. The first of which is in cast iron. This material is characterized by a more remarkable ability to retain heat, and therefore preferred by many, even if it is in need of a more accurate cleaning and maintenance being more delicate. The other option is fully stainless steel bars, which are more expensive and, despite retaining less heat than cast iron, are considered excellent because they do not require any maintenance and are very resistant.

  • Presence of a plate:

    the inclusion of such non-stick surface is useful for the cooking of those foods with a consistency more springs or which tend to leaks. As in the case of cheese, or small pieces of meat that might fall into the gaps between the bars of the grid.

  • Presence of a raised grill:

    some models have a secondary grill, which is characterized by smaller dimensions than the main one and placed in a raised manner on the cooking surface. Thanks to this device, it is likely to cook those foods that must not be put right in touch with the flame but, on the contrary, need more fine food.

#3 Structure:

The structure of a smokey cooker can differ very significantly from that of another and affect not only the space you will need to place your appliance. But also the convenience of transportation and the number of people you can cook for. For all this matter it is very significant to analyze all its characteristics carefully.

It must be asserted that there are two types of smokey cooker , or those to be built , which go to create a real kitchen but outdoors, and are fed by the domestic gas network. That are transportable, by the shape that reminds the one ofa trolley , and which are fed by a cylinder of gas which lies within the same structure of the device.

#4 Practicality of use:

I Proceeding with the factors to be evaluated in the purchase of a smokey cooker. We are faced with the one relating to its practicality . In addition to the aspects concerning cooking itself. In fact, it is also important to evaluate how easily the appliance can be used and cleaned. Especially if you want to use it frequently. Below you will find a list of all the elements that increase the practicality of use of a smokey cooker:

  • Hooks and storage compartments :

    it is possible to find incorporated in the structure of your barbecue a series of hooks to hang tea towels or utensils, or very comfortable compartments for storing objects that can be used during cooking. Such as spices and various condiments. The cheaper models do not always include this possibility, while those of the high price range provide comfortable and sophisticated solutions for storing different types of accessories.

  • Support surfaces:

    the presence of one or more shelves is very useful for placing dishes, food to be cooked, utensils or anything else that may be needed while using your barbecue. Based on the price and sophistication of the appliance. We will find large shelves in stainless steel or, on the contrary, very small and in other materials that are less robust and less easy to keep clean.

#5 Functions:

There are some functions that, when present, affect the ease and convenience of use of the appliance, as well as its versatility in terms of the culinary preparations that can be made. The possibility of using these functions obviously makes a product more complete and sophisticated (as well as more expensive). The presence of them is essential: For example, those who want a model with the possibility of being used as a rotisserie, or to anyone who needs to maintain a specific temperature while cooking certain foods. We can divide the functions into two categories, of which the first includes all those concerning the actual operation of the smokey cooker, and they are the following:

  • Adjustable temperature and thermometer:

    a barbecue should not always be used at maximum power. But, indeed, for some foods such as fish or thick meats you need to be able to select the temperature accurately. Some models also include a thermometer that shows precisely the degree of heat reached.

  • Tank status indicator:

    indicates how much propane is still left in the tank, very useful for not being “dry” in the middle of a barbecue with friends

  • Electric igniter:

    by igniter, we mean the button used to light the flame, which can be either electronic (much simpler and more reliable since it ignites immediately and does not produce sparks) or ignition by means of a rotating wheel or button.


#6 Power:

This thing you should remind before buying a smokey cooker.  

  • The number of burners:

    The number of burners and knobs is usually related to the barbecue’s size and also affects consumption. Using a cooker with six knobs at full capacity, all of them in operation, involves greater consumption. But if you opt for a solution that provides separate knobs for each burner. In that case, you can better manage the different areas of the appliance and also limit consumption if you intend to heat two opposite points of the grill.

  • The power pf the smokey cooker:

    Regardless of the number of burners or burners, what substantially differentiates a gas barbecue from the other is the power, i.e. the heat developed by the burners. The figure is measured in BTUs and, if you want to keep a limited power to contain costs, it is advisable to opt for a barbecue with a lid to favor correct cooking while not using high power.


Other factors to keep in mind when choosing a smokey cooker


  #1 Are the materials important?

Several materials are used for a smokey cooker that must be carefully considered, as some of them will come into contact with the food to be cooked. While others will affect the strength of the structure of your appliance. It will therefore be necessary to check that the materials used for grills and plates are safe and easy to clean. As well as suitable for cooking itself, for example in the case of a non-stick material or natural stone plate.

The ideal would be to prefer stainless steel not only for the cooking grill. But also for the structure itself as it is an easy to clean, robust and resistant material. Wooden models, for example, are certainly lighter and more manageable than steel ones but, if left in the garden exposed to the elements or if used intensely, they may not be the ideal choice from the point of view of longevity.


#2 Is the brand important?

Our advice is to orient yourself towards brands that are known and well-known, for different reasons. First of all, these are a guarantee of product quality , as this is subjected to a series of tests that make it. At the end of the manufacturing process, safe, reliable and efficient. Furthermore, if you rely on a well-known company, it will probably be much easier to find spare parts.

Extra accessories or any other type of assistance through a call center or specialized centers dedicated to helping the customer in the after-sales phase. Among the most popular brands today in the production of free-standing or built-in smokey cooker we find PIT BOSS 77435 and Realcook  BBQ Smoker, followed by companies that produce even cheaper models such as Masterbuilt MB20073519 .


#3 Is heat important for better cooking?

The heat is spread evenly throughout the cooker, ensuring smoother cooking without leaving areas more cooked than others. It has to monitor the food in case it burns somewhere always. Besides, it avoids the pressure effect of the traditional cooker. The problem with these barbecues is that once the charcoal or firewood is lit, you have to use it for cooking all the food you expect. If you realize that you need to cook more food towards the cooker’s end, it is probably already too late.


#4 Is Construction Materials important?

Beyond the smokey cooker, the structure can be made of iron, stainless steel, or cast iron. The grids are available in stainless steel or ceramic coated, and the one to which particular attention must be paid the material of which the brazier is made. It is necessary to opt for refractory materials and resistant to high temperatures, which also have a significant advantage in safety. The best materials for the brazier are porcelain or enameled steel and cast iron.


Frequently Answer Questions (FAQs)

 Q: Are they easily transportable?

It depends on the model you choose. Those who have the cabinet, side supports and cooking tank in cast iron remain rather bulky even if disassembled and have considerable weight (over 50 kg). The barbecues that have only the legs are instead easily transportable and are also ideal for camping. After the warm season, the barbecue is usually stored until the following spring. The models with cabinet and side shelves are not disassembled because the operation would be complex. However, they take up less space by folding the side shelves. On the other hand, they are easily removable and, therefore, definitely not bulky.

Q: How tall are the barbecues?

The barbecue height is very important to allow the cook to work without having to bend down to supervise the preparation of the food. The most comfortable are those at least 90 cm high. Moreover, it must be said that the camping models are decidedly lower, as they are usually used above the table.

Q: How to clean the cooker and burners?

To clean the cooker, follow the instruction booklet to use the right detergents and disassemble the various parts. Grid and plates must first be passed with the appropriate brush, treated with a degreaser and then rinsed. The grease tray and the lid inside must be treated in the same way but without using abrasive sponges. It is also very important to clean the burners because they could be dirty with grease and thus cause flames. To understand if the burners are clean they must produce blue flames. If you found, they are orange, you must remove the grease following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Q: What types of smokey cookers are on the market?

We can define “from home” for the terrace and the garden, designed to prepare abundant barbecues for groups of people. These models have a large cooking surface, usually divided into two overlapping floors. Then there are much smaller barbecues, perfect for taking to the campsite, or for a picnic. Home cookers are considerably heavier and heavier, given the large cast iron or steel hob. They are also often equipped with a cabinet, side shelves, and perhaps even drawers, while it is not uncommon for side burners to be present.

Q: How to avoid the flames in the cooker?

Flare-ups occur when fat falls on the burners. To avoid burning the food, you need to move it to a part of the grill, you need to keep clear. It would help if you then kept the lid closed, as the lack of oxygen inside the cooking vat prevents flames from developing.


Final Verdict

I examined different types of cookers from the market, ones designed for barbecues with friends to barbecues with the family. All the cookers are not budget-friendly. We have found some good specified smokey cooker, but those are very expensive. We are writing this article on the based of those who have a little budget like $300. We have selected those products as if every class of people can easily buy our listed product.

Obviously, everyone has to choose according to their needs. However, the Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker still offers a large enough cooking surface for 3/4 people for a low price. This is one of the best smokers under 300 USD. It is also compact and not bulky to store and can be moved easily, given its excessive weight. Cooking with lava stone then ensures the absence of smoke: the best gas barbecue. So, guys if you have any asks, don’t feel shy to know us via email or you can comment below this post. Besides if you want others product review you may request us for the details. Thanks for reading.

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