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Best infrared gas grills | Reviews for 2022

Society is in constant motion. People work hard every day, and most of the time they do not have enough time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. However, inside of all the mess, we always can find a way to distract ourselves from a special activity or hobby.  Now a days cooking is one of the best ways to enjoy our life. You would love to grill on an outing, family programs, and many large or small gatherings. The best infrared gas grills in 2021: all the secrets behind these grills.

Some people have a fascination, almost like an obsession, for the barbecues day. They think on this day like some kind of release from all the stress of the week. But, the most essential is to have fun and not get more stressed. For this reason, the selection of the perfect grill sometimes can be a little bit complicated. It is why there are many kinds of grills in the market nowadays.

Besides, the influence of technology in the different aspects of the barbecue process has created a new generation of grills with new functions and benefits. However, everything is not as good as it sounds because the different brands are always trying to innovate in their grills designs. And this can confuse the users that are only looking for the best grill to make their meet.

But, despite all the advances and promotions that can be found in the market, one of the best grills is the infrared gas grill. It is one of the best type of grills, and it counts with thousands of benefits for all the meet and barbecues lovers. Nevertheless, even if some friends recommend you to buy an infrared gas grill, there are many essential things you need to know before buying it.

First of all, there are different models, brands, and prices for the different infrared gas grills that exist. This makes the user’s decision making process more difficult. For this reason, we want to tell you all the secrets about these incredible grills, and the best models in 2020 you can buy according to your needs and expectations.

Top 5 of the best infrared gas grills in 2021.

1)     Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill.

We want to start with some infrared gas grill very easy to handle. Besides, if you are starting in the barbecue world, the best recommendation is to begin without complications. Also, it is perfect for those people that count with a reduced space to make barbecues because it only measures 13.5 x 21x 8.25 inches.

In this way, you can put this grill even under a sink and just take it out when you need it. Its infrared technology makes the gas last much longer. For this reason, you will not have to worry if the gas bottle is empty all the time.

Besides, it also counts with a couple of handles so you can transport it wherever you want without any problem. And its portable design is going to make it easier to move the fun of the barbecue to any place you want.

Pros Cons
1.     It is small and perfect for reduced spaces. 1.     The grilling area is small.
2.     It counts with an easy electronic integrated ignition. 2.     You can have problems with the flare-ups.
3.     It heats the food homogeneously without cold spots. 3.     Very hard to clean.

2)    Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

Following the practical grills, we introduce you to the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200. It only weighs 20 pounds so it makes it perfect to take it wherever you want without any inconvenience. However, the fact that it is small does not mean that it is not going to be powerful and efficient.

It counts with 200 square inches so you can cook your steaks or vegetables and get a perfect grill without having to wait too long to cook it all up. Besides, with this infrared gas grill, you can forget the flare-ups because the TRU-infrared technology controls the dissipation of the heat. Also, it creates a protective barrier between the food and the flames.

In this way, your meet and vegetables are protected from burnt taste. But, you do not have to worry thinking that probably this grill does not last too much because it is portable and is made of aluminum firebox and stainless steel.

Pros Cons
1.     It is light and easy to carry on. 1)    It does not count with a heat regulation valve for the slow cooking preparations.
2.     It is hot and ready to use very quickly. 2)    The maintenance and cleaning are very annoying.
3.     Enough space to cook despite being a portable grill.

3)    Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 420 3-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

 With this grill, we start to talk about the heavyweights of the grilling world, and we do not just say this for their size, but for all the features it has for you. First, we have to begin with the basic feature, so you can have an idea of the dimensions of this grill and all its benefits.

It weighs 131. 4 pounds with 23,5 x 51,1 x 47,2 inches of size. Almost all the structure of the grill is made of stainless steel, making it one of the longest-lasting grills. One of its best qualities is its cooking surfaces because it offers you 420 square inches so you can put all the food you want without any limitation.

Besides, you do not have to worry to hide the propane tank because it counts with a cabinet specially designed to keep the propane tank, and it also gives you extra space so you can save your barbecue tools if you want.

One of its unique features is the gas conversion system that converts the liquid propane in gas. In this way, it is a double fuel grill that gives you more benefits than ordinary grills. Besides, it counts with a temperature regulator so you can make slow cooking preparations without the fear that they finish burned. In the same way, this system keeps your steaks juicy all the time.

Pros Cons
1)    It has a lot of space to cook all your food. 1)    It is heavy.
2)    Electronic ignition easy to use. 2)    It is an expensive grill.
3)    Three burners to avoid cold spots. 3)    It is a little bit hard to clean.

4)    Saber Grills R50sc0017 3-Burner Grill.

For many people cooking with a grill is not an easy thing to do. For this reason, there are some grills created to satisfy all the grill beginners that despite not knowing enough about it, they also want to try it. However, that this kind of grills is designed for beginners it does not mean they are of bad quality.

For this reason, the Saber grills company created the R50sc0017 for all the people that do not have too much idea about the grills world but also want to enjoy it. This grill has 218 pounds of weight; it means that it is a big grill. But, it is too easy to use thanks to its electronic ignition bottom for every burner.

Additionally, it is a practical grill because you only have to wait three minutes, and it is going to be ready to be used. Thanks to the infrared technology the heat can distribute perfectly all over the grill. Besides, it also counts with a warming rack where you can warm the buns of your burgers, cook something slowly, or only warm some vegetables a little bit.

Also, if it is not enough for you, it has an extra little grill next to the main one. On the other side, it also has retractile shelves. It lets you keep your tools and ingredients organized to avoid accidents and make of the food the most delicious of all. But, you have to know that the grill comes unassembled. However, you do not have to worry because this infrared gas grill counts with a very clear instruction manual so you can assembly without any problem.

Pros Cons
1)    It has a system that reduces the consumption of fuel by 30 % 1)    It has too many pieces so at the time to assembly it, you can confuse.
2)    You can clean it easily only with a simple brush. 2)    The temperature sensors can break down quickly.
3)    It has several compartments and extra spaces so you can organize and cook your barbecue better. 3)    It is a little bit hard to get the spare parts.

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5)    Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill.

Finally, we want to show you one of the most compact infrared gas grills you are going to find in the market. It is the perfect grill if you are one of those people that love the barbecues but do not count with enough space in your home.

Despite counting with a compact size, it does not mean you are not going to have enough space to cook enough food. The cooking area is 320 square inches where you can put around 10 burgers approximately. Of course, all is going to depend on the size of the burgers or the meat, but it is more than enough space to make a perfect barbecue for 5 people.

Under the grill, you can find a space specially designed so you can put the propane bottle. In this way, you are going to save more space because the propane bottle is not going to be annoying you.

As an innovated feature it counts with a temperature regulator to select a temperature accord with the food you want to cook. Also, it counts with extra shelves, so warn the food you want without putting it directly on the grill.

Besides, if you are one of those people who do not make barbecues regularly for the cleaning process after cooking, it is the perfect grill for you. It is because it counts with a grease tray that you can remove after making your barbecue. Also, to add a more compact design, you can fold it to reduce the space it occupies.

Pros Cons
1)    It does not occupy too much space, and it is perfect for reduced spaces. 1)    Despite it has a very compact design, it is not designed to be portable and move it to another place.
2)    It is one of the easiest grills to clean. 2)    Many users have problems at the time to assemble all the parts.
3)    Excellent relation between the price and the quality. 3)    The paint of the grill is not too resistant to the heat.

Buyers guide

Infrared gas grill: What is it?

Before considering buying an infrared gas grill, first it is essential to know what it is and what makes it different from the regular and traditional grills. Traditionally, the grills had flames that easily burn the meat. For this reason, the companies developed a technology so the flames would not heat the food directly.

In this way, an infrared gas grill is a grill that works with propane gas that makes the flames heat an infrared plate. It makes the heat to be uniform and eliminate the hot and cold spots because the plate does not warm just where the flames are.

So the infrared plates work with a transfer heat material to cook the food. Besides, it lets this kind of grill to be hot and ready to use very quickly without having to wait too long for the grill to be ready to use.

What are the reasons to choose an infrared gas grill over another one?

Society always tries to update all the devices we have in our disposition. For this reason, the grills are not going to be out of this process. For a long time, the grills have changed a lot passing from the grills that use wood to work, to those that use coal, then propane gas, until the electric grills even.[

However, none of those kinds of grills work efficiently. For this reason, the infrared gas grill was born, to give a solution to the barbecue problems of the people around the world.

Flames control

The first problem with the traditional grills is that the flames always go up over the meat and food and change their taste. And more than that, this makes them dangerous because the possibility to burn our hands while checking the food is very high.

But with the infrared gas grills, this is not a problem because the flames do not touch the food directly. The flames are under the infrared place that is responsible to transfer the heat. In this way, the taste of the food is going to keep just as you want it without acquiring a burnt taste. Besides, you are going to minimize the burns and remember that safety is first.

Uniform cooking

Secondly, one of the best benefits of this kind of grills is that it uniformly distributes the heat. With the traditional grills, you are going to have very hot spots where the flames are and cold spots far from the flames. However, the system of the infrared gas grill is different because they do not heat where the flame is. They only use the flames as a way to transfer the heat using electromagnetic waves.

Fast and efficient

The third reason to choose this kind of grill is its speed. They can reach the perfect temperature to cook your meat in just 5 or 7 minutes according to the model. However, some models can do it in 3 minutes. It happens thanks to the transfer system of the infrared plates.

Juicy and tasty food

The fourth reason in our list and the most important for most of people, is the capacity to keep the food juicy. With the traditional grills, the meat can dry very easily because the flames evaporate the juices inside them. However, the infrared gas grill, heats the food perfectly and preserve their inside delicious and juicy.

Goodbye wind problems

Finally, the last reason to choose this grill is that probably when you are making a barbecue, you constantly have to fight with the conditions outside. The wind is the enemy of every person who uses a traditional grill because it moves the flames over and over again, and the food does not cook well. But, with the infrared gas grills, this is not a problem because the flames that heat the infrared plates are not exposed to the outside world.

In this way, these grills are quicker, more efficient, preserve better the flavors of the food, and you can use it without problem outside no matter the weather conditions. As we can see, there is no reason to no choose it.

Why are the infrared gas grills safer than other grills?

Some people can be very scared to use an infrared grill because it works with electromagnetic waves. However, we have to understand that the electromagnetic radiation in the infrared grills is harmless.

We should think about an infrared grill like a microwave because they work similarly. In this way, if you are not afraid of your microwave, you should not be scared of an infrared grill.

Flames vs. electromagnetic radiation

The infrared grills use a very low level of electromagnetic radiation. For this reason, this radiation cannot hurt you or make you something bad. So that you have an idea of the power of the electromagnetic radiation, you must consider that for them to be able to hurt you, they must have the potency or power that is used in an X-ray.

For this reason, the infrared grills are harmless. Besides, there are more possibilities that you can end up hurt using a traditional grill than using an infrared one. After all, with the infrared grill, you are not in direct contact with the flames, and you are going to minimize burns.

Weather conditions effects

Also, there is another factor you must consider: the outside troubles. It is common with the gas grills that the wind of the environment turns of the flames without you even noticing. After a while, when you finally notice the spaces inside and around the grill can be full of propane gas. At this moment, people usually forget how inflammable this gas is and try to turn it on again.

It causes a significant explosion that can cause you serious skin burns. Besides, if you were making your barbecue in a closed space and this happens, the risks are higher. For this reason, the infrared gas grills are safer than the traditional grills in many ways.

Tips to optimize the functioning of your infrared gas grill

Despite the infrared gas grills are very efficient, you can always improve their functioning to make your experience something better. First, you should remember that before using any kind of device you have to check it to guarantee it is in conditions to work. Besides, this rule applies more to this kind of grill because they use a propane system that can fail and cause problems.

Using Wood

Also, to maximize your barbecue experience with the infrared gas grill, you can try using aromatic wood. In the barbecue world is common to use wood to give a special smoke touch to the food. Most people think that they cannot smoke the meat in an infrared grill because the flames are not directly in contact with the food.

However, it is not true because you also can smoke your food with this kind of grill. You just have to remember to check the state of the wood because if the wood is damp, it is going to make a different kind of smoke that you do not want in your food.

Best ally: oil

Another regular problem at the time to use the grill is that we do not add oil to avoid the meat and food stick in the grill. In consequence, the meat ends very stuck on the grill, and we lose a significant part of it. Besides, those pieces keep burning and start to produce a burning smell that nobody likes.

For this reason, the most recommended is a little bit of oil like olive or sunflower oil. But, try to use oil in spray because, in this way, you are going to get a thin cape of oil, and your food is not going to get more grease that they need.

Cooking tricks

Also, you cannot forget that almost all this kind of grill works with very elevated temperatures, and it can be hard to cook things that need slow cooking. For this reason, most of them include extra shavers. However, if your infrared grill does not count with one of them you can also use another kind of trick to cook your food. For example, you can put the slow cook food over another. In this way, it is going to cook, but it is not going to be exposed to the direct heat.

How can you keep your infrared gas grill cleaned?

One of the most annoying things at the time of making a barbecue with an infrared gas grill is the process after cooking, because the cleaning can be exhausting. However, it is too essential to clean the grill after use it to prolong its useful life.

The most important is not to let the grease and the rest of the meat stick for a long time. The biggest problem of letting the dirt until you use the grill the next time is that all the fluids and the rests of food can generate corrosion in your grill. Maybe when this happens you are going to blame the quality of the grill, but sometimes the fault is all ours.

However, this little problem can be avoided if we make a proper cleaning of our grill. For this reason, to make the process easier for you, we bring you a series of steps to clean your grill and not fail in the process.

  • The first thing you have to do is to close the passage of gas of your grill. Maybe it could sound a little bit obvious, but some people forget to turn off the grill and close the gas. It is essential to do it peacefully and without being at risk.
  • When the grill is cold remove the grilles of the grill. Then if you see that the dirt is superficial, you can use a wet cloth to clean it. However, if the dirt is significant, put water and soap in a bucket. You can try to find a bucket where the grilles can fit in to let it rest a few minutes. In this way, the dirt is going to go out easily. Then with a sponge or a brush clean the grilles for both sides.
  • Do not forget to also remove the extra removable grilles and clean them in the same way.
  • Then you should clean with a soft sponge the burners because with the use they can get smoked and eventually cover-up. Also, you can check if your grill has removable burners and clean them apart.
  • Finally, clean the bottom to remove all the possible rest of burn wood or food that could have fallen on the bottom of your grill.
  • Once all the parts are totally dry, you just have to ensemble them again and cover it to keep it clean and free of dust.

Which are the different types of infrared gas grills?

Probably when you decide to buy an infrared gas grill, you are going to be surprised because there is not just one type of this kind of grill. You can find different types, models, and configurations of infrared grills. Besides, according to the features you are looking in the infrared grill, you can choose one kind or another one.

Infrared grill with a ceramic burner system

It is useful when you want to cook something faster because it can reach even 1000 °F. However, it is a grill that you have to handle carefully because the food can burn easily and burn in the fire. It happens because the flames of the burner are very close to the food.

Infrared grills with a heat emitters system

This type of grills is perfect if your budget is reduced because they are one of the cheapest infrared grills in the market. However, this difference in the cost has its reason because this grill is not capable of reaching highs temperatures. Its maximum temperature is 600 °F that is too low compared with other types.

Infrared grills with classic and infrared system

The third type is for the people who still like the classic grill system because it is a mix between both. This type of grill has different configurations for the comfort of the users but offers you the possibility to have a removable or permanent infrared grill.

In this way, those are the main types of infrared grills you can find in the market. Also, there is another type which is patented for the TEC Company which has been dedicated to creating better-infrared grills every day. They introduced the infrared grills with glass panels in the market, to heat the grill more uniformly.

As you can see there are different types of infrared grills you can buy. Everything is going to depend on the things you are looking for at the time to buy it. If you want more power or versatility, you are going to have a huge gamma to select the right one for you.

Is it possible to make your regular grill an infrared gas grill?

The cost of the infrared grills is not too low as we would like. However, if you do not have enough money to buy an infrared gas grill, you can use some accessories to make your regular grill an infrared grill. But, you have to consider that these accessories are going to improve your regular grill. However, it is not going to turn your grill in a full infrared grill. After all, there are some mandatory features to classify a grill as infrared.

Interlocking grill grates

One of the accessories you can use to try to convert your regular grill in an infrared grill is interlocking grill grates. These grates are designed to increase the temperature and avoid that the flames burn the meat. In this way, the grates are going to prevent your food from acquiring a bad flavor, or the meat losing its juices.

Using these grates your food is going to preserve their flavors better, and the finish is going to be better. Besides, the best part is that you can buy the grill grates according to the size of your grill. You only have to know the proportion and dimensions of your grill and order the grates according to that.

Extra grill

On the other hand, you can buy an extra grill which works with charcoal. You can use this extra grill to have more space, to cook the meat that you do not want to get burned by the flames, and to cook the food at a slower temperature. This kind of grill is one of the best after the infrared gas grill, and it can be very useful while you get the budget for the infrared grill you want.

What are the benefits of an infrared gas grill?

At this point you probably can notice some of the benefits of the infrared gas grills, but we want to give you a detailed view about the advantages of getting one of these grills. After all, we always have to know perfectly the product we want to buy to avoid regret it then. In this way, here you have the main benefits of the infrared grills:

  • The time of heat of the infrared grills is shorter than conventional grills. In this way, it can be ready to be used in a few minutes while in another kind of grill you have to wait even one hour after putting the meat in the grill.
  • The cooking temperature is higher than other grills. According to statistics, average infrared grills can reach around 1000 °F and even more according to the model. It is very useful because you do not have to wait too much time for the food to be ready. In this way, the cooking time is shorter with these grills than with another one.
  • The fuel consumption is less. The infrared gas grilled uses less propane gas thanks to its technology with electromagnetic radiation that lets the grill work with a low flame. For this reason, the propane tank in an infrared grill is always going to last too much longer than in the conventional grills.
  • It leaves your meat juicier. It happens for two things: First, because the flames do not directly touch the meat and do not evaporate its juices; second, the meat is not exposed to the constant dry air that steals the moisture of the food.
  • The taste preserves better. Thanks to the uniform and high temperature of the infrared grill you can caramelize your food and all the juice is going to stay on the grill without getting burned like in the conventional grills. For this reason, the flavors are stronger than with other grills.
  • You do not have to close the grill to cook better the food. With the conventional grills you usually have to close the grill or find a lid so the food can cook on the inside and not only burn. However, with the infrared grills, this is not a problem because the electromagnetic waves go through the food and heat it.
  • Forget about the cold and hot spots. The heat distribution of the infrared grills is uniform. It does not matter where you decide to put the food because all the points handle the same temperature.
  • They are easy to clean. Most of the infrared grills do not need too much effort to be cleaned again. You only have to set the grill at a high temperature and let the rest of the food and meat burn by themselves. Then you only have to use a soft cloth or a brush, and your grill is going to be ready to be used the next time.


  • Can I cook any meat cut slowly?
    • There is any problem with the slow cooking times because you only have to set the temperature at its slowest to get the cooking point you want. Besides, most of this kind of grills includes higher graves, so the food receives the heat slowly.
  • How does the infrared gas grills work?
    • The infrared gas grills have two main elements. First, we have the burners that are on the bottom of the grill that generates the flames that are going to get in contact with the infrared plate. Second, the infrared plate which receives the heat of the flames of the burners that generates electromagnetic radiation waves. In this way, this infrared heat is the one that cooks your food and makes it delicious and juicy.
  • Are the infrared gas grills safe?
    • Despite the functioning of the infrared grills, we can read the word radiation. They are safe because the electromagnetic waves are not too powerful to hurt you. They are safer than conventional grills because you are not directly exposed to the flames.

The barbecue technology has advanced enormously to offer to all the lovers of the grilled meat the best grill in the market. In this way, of all the grills in the market, the infrared gas grill is the most efficient, powerful, and practical. You only have to give it the chance and start to make the most delicious barbecues and be the envy of your friends and family. If you are tired of trying to get the perfect meat without success, the infrared gas grills are the secret.

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