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Best Gas Grill Under 300 This Guide Will Help You

Cooking is one of the most common skills that anybody can possess. If you are passionate about cooking or cook for fun or cooking is your favorite hobby, you would love to grill on picnics, family reunions, and many large or small gatherings, etc. in this article you will find out the best gas grill under 300.

Like many other popular collections, people have grills are also one of the unique obsessions. People who love to cook cannot live without collecting amazing, high quality, and affordable grills to brag about their cooking talent to their closed ones.

In this article, we will explain everything that can help you in understanding the best gas grill under 300. You must know what you are exactly looking for before you spend your cash.

We will brief about how the gas grills have become the best way to smoke meat and meat products that will give the taste buds a fine flavor of food. We all know that food without flavors and aroma is not very appealing to anybody. Gas grills not only provide flavors but they also give texture, color, aroma, and the perfect cook to different meat. Temperature plays an important role in it. If you are a passionate griller, you would have an idea that how temperatures can make the food best while grilling.

History of Gas Grill

Before we continue about the details of the best grill under 300, let us share the history of grills. They were first used for cooking meat on sticks in the 17th century. It adopted the concept of a grill in Southeast America by the 18th century. Since then, year after year, they adopted innovation in grill design to make it convenient for cooks to smoke and grill meat with their favorite sauces. Therefore, in 2012 the gas grill became popular among consumers.

The Concept of Grill

The components of a grill can usually range from very simple to sophisticate. The simplest grills have a charcoal burner and three principal components to function:

  1. Cooking surface
  2. Charcoal container
  3. Grill support

The most common type of gas grill comprises a round container mounted on a metal tripod, with a round cooking grill that rests on top of the container.

Introduction of Gas Grill

They mostly use gas grills for slow cooking food whilst enhancing its flavor using any burning fuel. We have described a few types of Gas Grills below.

–        Gas grills usually work with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. These two gas sources are usually used to provide heat energy to grill food.

–        as grills are available in sizes starting from small, single steak grills up to large, industrial-sized restaurant grills ready to cook enough meat to feed 100 or more people.

–        they often switch some gas grills between using liquefied petroleum gas and gas fuel, although this needs physically changing key components including burners and regulator valves.

–        Most gas grills follow the cart grill design concept: the grill unit they attach it to a wheeled frame that holds the fuel tank. The wheeled frame can also support side tables, storage compartments, and other features.

–        Infrared radiant burners are also trending with gas grills. A meat item (whole chicken, roast beef, cut of pork roast) placed on a metal skewer that’s rotated by an electrical motor. Smaller cuts of meat are often grilled during this manner, using a round metal basket that slips over the metal skewer.

–        Flattop Gas grills are also a very popular trend. According to Hearth and residential magazine, flattop grills “on which food cooks on a griddle like surface and isn’t expose to an open flame at all” is an emerging trend within the outdoor grilling market.

–        A small metal box of smoker containing wood chips can also use on a gas grill to give a smoky flavor to the food items that are being grilled.

–        Many people preferred Charcoal grills as they are natural and some observe that they provide more flavor while grilling.

–        There is contention among grilling enthusiasts on what sort of charcoal is best for grilling.

–        Users of charcoal gas grills emphasize the standardization of size, burn rate, heat creation, and quality.

–        Users of all-natural lump charcoal highlights the features of its subtle smoky aromas, high heat production, and therefore the lack of binders and fillers often present in briquettes.

–        There are many various charcoal grill configurations. Grills are often square, round, or rectangular, some have lids while others don’t, and that they may or might not have a venting system for warmth control.

How Does a Gas Grill work?

  • Plentiful and clean-burning, the gas barbecue grill uses its fuel to make a good heating source to heat foods.
  • Using the natural properties of a gas, they furnish the gas grill with gas by using refillable gas tanks which will attach and faraway from use.
  • Using a portable fuel source, the gas barbecue grill features a regulator that’s controlled by valves that allow a predetermined amount of gas into the hearth to take care of a good burn.
  • it emits the gas into gas jet arms that opened up over the bottom of the burning area and have holes that run up and down the length of the arms to distribute a good amount of propane and natural type gas for burning.
  • After releasing gas from the portable gas bottle into the distributing arms, a fast spark or flame will light the gas.
  • The regulators will allow the user to take care of a good flow of gas throughout the entire cooking process.
  • Easily ignited and extinguished, the gas grill uses plain methods to supply top-quality cooking conditions that some say produces the simplest tasting grilled meats even compared to other fuel sources like wood or paper.

Why choosing a gas grill is important?

For some backyard barbecue fans, gas is that the only method to grill. Gas grills account for quite 60 percent of grill sales, consistent with online resource Consumer Search. When it involves choosing your gas grill, do not get attracted by flashy chrome steel and plenty of extra features you will never use. Instead, specialize in what’s important to seek the proper gas grill for your family.


One of the foremost important considerations when choosing a gas grill relates to its size, including both cooking space and its overall dimensions. Consider what percentage of people typically invited to your family barbecues and therefore the food you wish to cook, then choose a gas grill that will accommodate this volume. While it is often tempting to settle on the most important model available, confine mind that a bigger grill also will take up valuable land in your yard or on your deck or courtyard, so choose accordingly.


While cooking performance is usually the highest priority for gas grill shoppers, safety should even be a top concern. When comparing gas grills, search for models that provide an excellent deal of stability to scale back the danger of tip-related fires or accidents. Avoid grills with sharp metal corners or edges which will cause injuries and stick with models with wooden or plastic handles to scale back the danger of burns.


Most gas grills believe liquid propane as a source of fuel. This gas comes in refillable tanks that fasten to the bottom of the grill. They supply tremendous flexibility, allowing users to program the grill to different locations around the property. If you’ve got a gas line connected to your home, consider a gas grill that runs off-gas. By permanently connecting the grill to your gas line, you eliminate the necessity to refill and replace propane tanks. The one drawback to the present fueling system is that it takes away the portability typically found with gas grills.


Gas grills accompany a wonderful collection of options and special features to optimize your grilling experience. Before you invest during a grill, consider what percentage of those features you’re likely to use. Options to think about include side burners for heating sauce or water, bun warmers, barbeques and grills. You might be ready to save by skipping the extras you do not need and sticking to an easier grill that meets your needs.



The warranty that comes together with your gas grill can provide clues to the standard of the unit. Recommends suggests that longer they often relate warranties to better quality construction. CNN suggests choosing a gas grill with a guaranty of 10 years or more to urge the foremost out of your purchase.

What is a heat flux?

A more accurate measurement of the temperature a gas grill will reach is that the heat flux. Dividing the BTU rating by the first cooking surface will tell you ways many BTUs, or energy, there is per sq. inch. The upper the warmth flux, the more heat there’ll be across the cooking surface.


In a perfect world, the warmth flux of a grill should be about 80–100 BTUs per sq. inch. However, modern grills are more efficient than older models and should have design features, like tight-fitting or angled hoods, which keep more of the warmth in.

Cooking area size

How many people does one shall cook for? Are you trying to find a smaller grill for midweek family meals, or does one want to cook for larger parties of eight or more at the weekends?


A pretty good rule of thumb is that the 24 square-inch rule, the space required by a mean chicken breast or typical steak. This also allows for permission round the food, you don’t want to overcrowd a grill which makes flipping the food harder.


A grill of about 300 square inches should be enough for many family entertaining. For larger parties, you’ll need somewhere above 450 to 500 square inches, or enough for about 24 burger patties at 20.25 inches. Secondary cooking areas, sort of warming shelf, often used for keeping more food warm.

Does a gas grill have an automatic explosion?

The whole point of a gas grill is how easy it’s lighting. If you wanted to wander with matches or lighters, you would have just bought a charcoal grill. Aside from the mess all those smokes and therefore the leftover ashes to wash up every time!

At the foremost basic, an electronic ignition will be a piezo system like those clickers you’ll have within the kitchen to light older stoves. Piezo uses a manual hammer and quartz to make a spark, with repeated use eventually resulting in ignition fatigue and failure. A much better system is that the battery-operated ignition, which may now be found on the higher sub $300 grills. This offers the advantage of a repeated spark when the button is pressed and a warmer spark that lights the first time more frequently.

Does gas grill have a good, spacious lid?

The lid of a gas grill is going to be even as critical for a way fast and the way well your food cooks because of the BTU level. With a charcoal grill, removing the lid increases airflow for the charcoal to burn much hotter. With a gas grill, it just enables heat to flee.

When cooking anything larger than steaks or burgers, an honest, tight-fitting hood is important. Some lids, even at this price point, will use a double-walled design for better insulation. Handles that are cool to the touch also will be a plus, to stop burns. A large spacious hood is best if you would like to cook whole poultry or larger joints of meat. A favorite recipe of mine which impresses the guests is beer-can chicken, which needs a taller hood.

Number of burners

Another cooking method that needs an honest fitting hood is indirect cooking. Multiple burners will allow you to line up different heat zones and, when the lid is closed, create a convection effect.

More burners also will enable the grill to hit temperature quicker and cook a wider sort of food at an equivalent time. You will be burning a steak at one end while gently slow-roasting a chicken at the opposite end.

At the under 300 dollars price mark, you’re unlikely to urge the six or more burners you regularly see on higher grills. However, even just two or three burners will leave different heat zones on a smaller grill.

Side burners, warming rack?

Do you want to cook side dishes at an equivalent time as grilling your meat or fish? We might use a side burner for keeping the vegetables warm or cooking up some pasta or rice to travel with the most event. Does the grill include a grill or is it barbeque ready? Some grills will have fittings that enable a grill to get attached for chicken, which moistens itself while slowly spit-roasting.

Secondary cooking surfaces are often misleading, as they often ask a warming rack. We will typically use this rack for keeping foods warm while you cook more, and may catch up on a smaller cooking surface. At the very least, you’ll keep your buns warm because the burgers cook.

Easy access to gas tanks

Does the grill feature quick access to the tank? It’s no good hanging on a hook at the rear if you can’t get to it without moving the whole, and sometimes hot, grill. Many gas grills will have a cupboard underneath the most firebox, with quick access doors for the tank.

Under $300 you’re unlikely to seek out a gas grill, although many often converted, often with a kit from the manufacturer. Normally, though, you’ll be using standard 20-pound tanks of propane, which are readily available almost everywhere.

Flavored bars

We often mention heat diffusing bars over the burners as favorited bars. They will take the shape of a steel tent which can act as a barrier between your food and therefore the flames of the burner.


Any juices or drippings which fall from the meat will get caught by the flavorizer bars and stop flare-ups. The burners are going to be much easier to wash if protected by a flavorizer bar, and fewer flare-ups will prevent burnt food.

Flavorizer bars aren’t almost protecting the burners because the name suggests they add flavor too. They are going to encourage a more even heat distribution for better-cooked food and drippings vaporize into smoke for that true BBQ taste.

Quality grill grates

Many grill enthusiasts would argue that, after the burners, the cooking grates are the foremost important component of your grill. There’s certainly an enormous marketplace for third-party replacement grates that supply better quality. How good are the grates that a gas grill under $300 includes as standard?

You should only ever consider a grill that uses either chrome steel or fake iron grates. Cheap, weak grates won’t last as long and won’t produce the best-cooked food either. Stainless steel grates are much easier to wash than fake iron, but won’t hold the warmth as well. For the simplest grill grates, you ought to search for coated fake iron, which offers better heat holding and an easy-to-clean surface.

Ten best propane gas grills under $300

Here are some best gas grills suggestions which can help you in grilling and enjoying your food with your family and friends. There are many things to consider when you are choosing a gas grill to ensure that you make the right choice. Your grill should have all the important features and be high in quality.

  1. Char-Broil stainless steel cart style gas grill

The Char-Broil chrome steel Cart Style Grill provides many spaces to grill enough food for about six to eight people. It also features a side burner with a lid. You can also use this to fry vegetables or prepare other sides so that you are doing not got to use a separate stove for this purpose. This grill starts up quickly and gets to the proper temperature fast. Thanks to this, you don’t have to wait long to start out cooking your foods. Use the warming rack that swings away to stay foods hot once you are cooking other items. There is a temperature gauge on the grill’s lid. Use this to form sure that you simply are always cooking at the proper temperature.


Like I said earlier, great savings don’t mean a scarcity of durability. Char-Broil’s exclusive chrome steel lid, handle, and side shelves support the equipment’s long-lasting usability and customers rave about the standard of the development. I even have to report. These features make the Char-Broil look pretty badass and expensive, boosting your grill cred with the neighbors also as friends and family.


  1. Char-Broil classic liquid propane gas grill

The Char-Broil Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill features a firebox made up of porcelain-coated steel. The grill’s lid additionally made up of this material. They make its inline burners up of chrome steel so that you’ll use the grill often without damage. This material also allows for better temperature control. The grill burns quickly so you are doing not need to wait long to start out preparing foods. Just push the button and it will illuminate. Cash in of the wheels on the grill to maneuver it around with ease. Its side shelves offer you optimal space to carry food and grilling accessories. The side burner operates at 8,000 BTUs. Use this such as you would a stove to cook sides or heat sauces once you are grilling.

  1. Char-Grillin’ Pro gas grill

The Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill has many cooking spaces where you can prepare everything from large racks of beams to big cuts of fish and chicken. It has an electronic ignition so that you’ll start the grill quickly and simply. This grill features a side burner that allows you to work on sauces and side dishes while you’re using your grill. With this feature, you’ll get all the required cooking done at an equivalent time. The grill grates are a cast-iron material and that they feature a porcelain coating. This enables even heating so that there’s adequate steadiness once you are cooking a spread of foods.

The Char-Griller may be a top pick on behalf of me, not only because it’s an excellent list of key features, but it is also a nasty ass looking machine and hits my memory of professional smoker-style grills. Don’t get me wrong, I am not just into it for looks, this grill ranks at the highest because it’s powerful, and fairly spacious for the worth tag. the good styling is simply a pleasant bonus to form the neighbors jealous.

  1. Char-Broil Performance gas grill

The Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill has two burners and 24,000 BTUs. the primary and swing-away cooking areas have fake iron grates with a porcelain coating. These confirm that the heat remains however that your foods do not have cold or hot spots. The UFC and lid are made from stainless steel. Its lid helps to retain the heat so that you simply will use this grill once you would like to smoke your foods.

On the lid could also be a temperature gauge that you simply can use to urge even better temperature control once you’re cooking. This grill is reliable because of its electronic ignition. you’ll start it quickly and it’ll not take several attempts. Taking advantage of the storage cabinet to remain all of your grilling tools in one place.

  1. Weber Liquid propane gas grill

The Weber Liquid Propane Grill has enough cooking area to organize a meal for four to 6 people, counting on the dimensions of the individual food items. Due to the chrome steel burner, you get a uniform temperature so that all of your foods begin even and at the proper temperature level. Use the work tables to carry your food and separate the cooked from the uncooked. These tables fold down once you are not using them to save lots of space during a small area. This grill also features a warming rack. You can use this area to carry your food once you are done cooking it so that it remains hot and prepared to eat once you serve the meal. This Weber could also be little, but it’s mighty, which is why it snags a spot on our 10-best list despite being a more compact, single-burner grill. It can sit either on a tabletop otherwise you can add on the optional frame to form it a more permanent, stationary grill.

  1. Cuisinart Petit Tabletop Gourmet gas grill

The Cuisinart Petit Tabletop Gourmet Grill is little and compact. You can use this grill if you have got a little apartment patio otherwise you are planning an activity like camping. It can delay to four pounds of fish or about eight burgers at an equivalent time. They form the burner from chrome steel, ensuring durability. This also makes it easy to take care of this component of your grill. The grate ensures even heating because it is porcelain-enameled. it’s also easy to stay clean thanks to this coating. They make the stabilizing feet and legs up of aluminum. This suggests that they are going to not rust. Its lid remains secure thanks to the integrated lid lock feature.

The overall construction is primarily chrome steel with a basic cart design on casters. Two permanent side shelves provide room for prep and storage while cooking. There’s no added side burner on this model, but Cuisinart is searching for your best interests and mounted an opener right the grill.

  1. Smoke Hollow Tabletop gas grill

The Smoke Hollow Tabletop Gas Grill may be a portable grill that you simply can use almost anywhere. They form its cooking area of chrome steel so that it ensures strength and even heating once you are using it. On the lid may be a temperature gauge so that you get optimal control over the warmth level.

There is a warming rack that measures 105 square inches to store cooked foods and keep them warm. It has a U burner that comprises chrome steel so that you get solid temperatures once you are cooking. This grill also features a drip tray that’s chrome steel to stay things neat once you are cooking.

  1. Coleman RoadTrip Propane gas grill

The Coleman RoadTrip Propane Grill has adequate space to cook a spread of foods at an equivalent time. Use the side tables to carry food and your grilling tools so that they’re always nearby. All of the grease that happens once you cook is caught within the water pan to scale back mess once you are using the grill. Make sure the right temperature for your foods thanks to the integrated thermometer.

When you are transporting the grill, you’ll lock the lid. It’s an Instacart ignition so that you are doing not need to use any matches to urge this grill going. Of all the portable grills during this price range, the Coleman is understood for being especially reliable and delivering a reception-style cooking experience even when you’re camping, at the park, or pre-gaming at a favorite sporting event.

  1. Blackstone Flat Top gas grill

The Blackstone Flat Top Grill provides a restaurant-style cooking experience. Use the side shelf to carry a spread of tools and foods so that everything is accessible once you are using the grill. You can start the grill with the push of a button. It heats up quickly so that you’ll start cooking fast. All parts of the surface maintain a uniform heat so that you are doing not need to worry about some foods cooking slower than others.



The Blackstone may be a different style grill from the remainder of the choices on this list. This is often a restaurant-grade griddle-style set-up with a huge flat top and cart base. It’s an excellent option if you often feed an enormous group and also need some versatility. Additional features include a simple to maneuver cart-style base, electronic push-button ignition, two side shelves with a built-in towel holder, and a chopping board for prep work.

  1. voice Four Burner gas grill

The voice Four Burner Gas Grill features an outsized cooking surface so that you can prepare full meals at just one occasion. For instance, you can cook up to twenty-eight burgers directly. It has forged iron grates with a porcelain coating to make sure a good temperature. The warming rack is 180 square inches. this is often many spaces to carry the foods you would like to stay warm until you serve them.


This grill has four burners made from chrome steel. This furthers the evenness of the temperature once you are using the grill. The lid is chrome steel and features a liner made up of aluminized steel to stay the warmth inside.

Top Features of these gas grills

  1. Weber gas grill

Here are some important features of the weber gas grill.

  • Shows off the exceptional Gs4 grilling system with the infinity ignition, strong burners, Flavorizer Bars made with porcelain-enameled, and a grease Management system.
  • Dual burners with 450 Square inches of cooking surface and side table which will be folded down.
  • Cooking grates are made with Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron to retain heat.
  • The two burners deliver 26, 500 BTU-per-hour, and infusion primary burners with fuel indicator.
  • Open lid and cart design with six hanging hooks and two enormous wheels
  • The 10-year warranty and 100% Weber Guarantee.
  1. Blackstone gas grill

Here are some important features of Blackstone gas grill


  • The grill are often assembled effortlessly, and straightforward to start with a fast ignition button. It’s going to be delivered with a rear grease or a front grease pan.
  • Removable and spacious griddle top.
  • Four Adjustable burners that be easily controlled to cook on high or low-temperature levels.
  • Enjoy stability throughout your booking sessions with the four strong industrial caster wheels during which two of the wheels are lockable.
  • Constructed with durable chrome steel cooking space and rolled steel for even heat cooking and warmth retention.
  1. Char-Broil gas grill

Here are some important features of this gas grill


  • Durable construction materials -Porcelain-coated grates and chrome steel finish which may withstand rust and harsh weather.
  • Uniform heat distribution and even cooking with the TRU-infrared technology
  • 24,000 BTUs of warmth produced over the 450 sq. in main cooking space and side burner delivers 10,000 BTUs of warmth.
  • Reliable warming rack and an ignition that’s easy and fast to start with the utilization of the push to start button.
  • Two caster wheels for straightforward relocation of the grill and cover-mounted temperature gauge with an open cabinet design.
  1. Cuisinart gas grill

Here are some important features

  • Dual burners that produce consistent and uniform cuisine and a cold-rolled steel
  • Large grease pan and cup which reinforces easy cleaning of the grill.
  • Stainless steel lid with vent for straightforward roasting, steaming, or warming of food.
  • Collapsible preparation or storage side tray with a paper holder.
  • Easy to assemble.
  1. Royal Gourmet gas grill

Here are some features of royal gourmet gas grill


  • 550 sq in cooking surface and porcelain forged iron cooking grates that measure 140 Square inches.
  • Porcelain-coated wire warming rack with 3 chrome steel burners which produce a complete of 4,400 BTUs.
  • Side heat zone with lid for keeping or warming sauce and a cupboard for storage of gas cylinder and other grilling utensils.
  • Easy to relocate by using the three caster wheels and keep track of temperature with the built-in thermometer.
  • Cook sorts of food with the want to assemble the grill.

What is the best gas grill under $300?

The effectiveness of any budget grill depends on its intended use. As an example, if you are looking to get a more portable gas grill under $300, your best bet would be one among the models manufactured by Weber-Stephen, like the revised Weber Q2200 that works with disposable propane cylinders.

If you are after a more substantial gas grill for your backyard, then you’d be happier with one among the outdoor grills by Blackstone or Char-Boil, for instance, the favored 28-inch Blackstone 1517 or the 3-burner Char-Broil Classic 360 with an equivalent output.

What is the most reliable gas grill for the money?

It all comes right down to the way you propose to utilize the grill. A grill that will be best for cooking in your backyard or your porch is often rather cumbersome to effect on a camping trip that needs tons of traveling. As such, one among the simplest gas grills for home use is that the powerful Char-broil Performance with 4 burners and a powerful output of 36,000 BTUs.


As for more portable grills designed specifically for camping situations, one among the simplest choices for the cash would be Coleman RoadTrip LXE with dual burners.

Final thought

A gas grill under $300 may be a portable gas grill that will be used for everyday cooking and may fit limited space. Most grills that are but $300 are portable, easy to assemble, and may withstand harsh weather and rust. With this sort of grill, you tend to realize all the advantages of an outsized grill during a small one.


If you would like to carry one among the simplest BBQ parties, you’ll need one among the simplest smoker or gas grill to cook your meat perfectly. As reviewed above, all of our five best gas grills under 300 dollars contain multiple features to assist you enjoy your BBQ.

Amongst them, the Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill easily tops our list. With convenient folding tables, sturdy construction, four burners, and a built-in thermometer, you get all the simplest features in one grill. most significantly, it offers an ample cooking space, a warming rack, and a side-burner to assist you cook for an outsized party with ease.



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