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Best BBQ Grills Under 1000 || Best Guide for 2022

Without a doubt, one of the best pleasures that life can offer us is the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with our loved ones. And what better way to do this than with a good meal? A good meal made on a good grill. For this kind of scenario, there is no better food than a good BBQ, since even vegetarians can enjoy a good vegetable meal if you use the right grill. Best BBQ Grills Under 1000 best Guide for 2021.

One of the elements that cannot be missing in the house of every barbecue lover, is an excellent grill. In the summer months or to celebrate important dates such as the 4th of July, an excellent grill allows us to enjoy a good and delicious BBQ meal. However, choosing a good grill is not an easy process to assume, because even the most experienced person can make a mistake when choosing the ideal grill.

Today, finding and choosing the right grill no longer depends on a person’s experience or knowledge. Now, in modern times, it is almost essential, to have a guide about the best options that exist on the market according to their features and prices. As this process can be very confusing and even stressful, it is necessary to have all the possible help to make the best decision.

Charcoal Grills, Gas Grills or Hybrid Grills: Which is the best?

If you are one of those people who are new to the world of grills, you need to know that there are 3 types of grills. There are those grills that run on gas, those that run on charcoal or wood, and those that are called hybrid grills. There is often a debate among grill experts as to which are the best options, and each type of person has a way of thinking about what is the best option for getting the best possible BBQ.

Charcoal grills are a good option because they give the food a unique smoky aroma and taste. This kind of element is characteristic of BBQ meals. Likewise, this kind of grills is very sought after because of how easy they are to transport and assemble. But, charcoal grills have a disadvantage: it takes some effort to light them and control the temperature properly.

In the case of gas grills, this kind of process is much simpler. They light easily, heat quickly, and are easy to control the temperature. Some gas grills are even easy to move from place to place. However, this type of grill is more expensive than charcoal grills and requires more work to assemble. Otherwise, gas grills don’t provide the now and smoky flavor, which is so characteristic of barbecues.

As a last resort, we have the option of hybrid grills. This type of grill offers the advantages of the previous one. They are easy to light, heat can be easily controlled and maintained, and can give food that delicious taste and aroma that every BBQ meal should have. By contrast, hybrid grills are the most expensive option and require the most effort to assemble and install somewhere in the house.

Does cheap get expensive?

Then, the next question arises, is it necessary to have an expensive grill to get a good BBQ? As there is no simple answer to this question, it all depends on your needs and what you want to get. The way we see it, you can get excellent BBQ meals with grills that cost less than $1000. Although it is a little hard to believe, in the current market certain grills are economically accessible and that guarantee excellent results when cooking.

In the following list, you will find the best options of BBQ grills that you can find on the market, below 1000 dollars. These grills are not only known to be excellent choices in terms of economy but also offer excellent quality results.

Broil King 923584 Baron S590 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This sturdy grill is known as “El Baron”, and you can imagine why. It is perhaps the largest grill on the list, which gives it a point in its favor compared to the rest of the options. Despite its large size, this grill does not exceed the price of $1000 in the current market.

It’s not a grill known to have many decorations. Instead, it’s known to be very efficient at heating food. The Baron S590 has an 805-square-inch cooking area, the perfect space to prepare great banquets. It also has an additional grill that is ideal for toasting bread or simply keeping certain types of food warm, such as vegetables.

The grill has 5 stainless steel burners and it is able to generate about 50,000 BTU’s of power. Similarly, the Baron S590 has a side burner that can produce 10,000 BTU’s, and a rear burner that generates 15,000 BTU’s of additional power. Besides, this grill also has a grill kit, which facilitates more versatile cooking of the food.

Concerning its characteristics, it has a button that allows a quick start of the burners. It also has a thermometer in the main cover and a Flav-R-Wave cooking system. It is a very large grill that not only allows you to cook large amounts of food simultaneously but also has enough space to store all the accessories to prepare a good BBQ.

Pros and Cons Table:

Pros Cons
·         Produces 50,000 BTU’s on its main burners.

·         It has two additional burners that together generate an additional 25,000 BTUs.

·         It offers enough space to prepare large meals.

·         Provides enough space to store all the necessary accessories on a BBQ.

·         It is made of stainless steel materials.

·         It’s not a grill that’s easy to assemble.

·         This grill is heavy and therefore not easy to move around.

·         There are better and cheaper options on the market.

Built-in Natural Gas Pick Kitchen Aid 740-0780 Propane Gas Grill

The Kitchen Aid 740-0780 is a gas grill known for its efficiency and the power it provides. This grill has a cooking area of 775 square inches. So, with this option, you have the opportunity to prepare food for a large number of people. Through its 4 burners, it is capable of generating 61,000 BTU’s of power. Therefore, it is considered a beast, bearing in mind that its purchase price is less than 1000 dollars.

The burners are made of stainless steel and have temperature regulators, which allow them to control the heat and avoid big flames during cooking. This grill also has an additional burner that is covered with ceramic material, which is ideal for distributing and maintaining the temperature more efficiently.

Based on the temperature regulators, they provide the opportunity to impregnate the food with the smoky taste and aroma when steaming the drippings. It’s worth mentioning that the Kitchen Aid 740-0780’s heating system does not only allow a temperature control but also distributes heat evenly throughout the cooking area.

Pros and Cons Table:


Pros Cons
·         It’s a very attractive grill to have in your backyard.

·         Easy to assemble and easy to use.

·         Besides being very efficient, it’s easy to clean.

·         Its 4 burners can generate 61,000 BTU’s of power.

·         It has a good size cooking area.

·         Although it is an easy to assemble grill, it takes a long time to complete this work.

·         Burner grids often break due to the type of soldering they have.

Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500

These days, it’s hard to find a grill that offers such a good style on the BBQ. This is one of the best bbq grills under 1000 on the market. The Napoleon Prestige 500 has 4 burners that are capable of generating 66,000 BTU’s of power. At the same time, it also has an infrared burner that is located at the back of the grill.

It is a hybrid grill since users can use charcoal in their cooking chambers. This opens the door to cooking food in a variety of ways. This grill is made of stainless steel, and the burner grates are made of cast iron, to withstand the high temperatures.

Similarly, Napoleon Prestige 500 has a jet ignition system which ensures that the grill lights up quickly and efficiently. It also has a built-in rotisserie burner, which runs on propane gas.

Pros and Cons Table:


Pros Cons
·         It has an infrared burner.

·         Distributes and maintains heat evenly.

·         Through its burners, together, it generates 66,000 BTU of power.

·         It is designed to last for many years.

·         One of its cooking chambers can be run on charcoal.

·         The assembly manual is not easily understood.

·         Their assembly process can be cumbersome, and it takes a long time.


Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Ceramic Grill Cooker

This version of the Pit Boss brand is one of the best bbq grills under 1000 you can find on the market today. It is built to last for many years and can be used from generation to generation. The Pit Boss 71220 is an excellent grill, whose market price is hard to believe.

Its great versatility for cooking is due to its design. It is a charcoal or firewood grill, whose grids are covered with ceramic. In the same way, the walls of its cooking chamber thick and help to capture and maintain high temperatures. Also, the aroma and flavor of the charcoal are immersed in the food.

The design of its cooking chamber and ceramic materials, allows the Pit Boss 71220 to be one of the most efficient grills. In the same circumstances, the grids are designed to give users excellent temperature control. Thanks to this control, foods such as vegetables can be slowly cooked.

Pros and Cons Table:

Pros Cons
·         Don’t be fooled by the size. There’s plenty of room to store all the accessories you need for a barbecue.

·         It has a respectable cooking area of 567 square inches.

·         Easy to transport and to assemble.

·         It can be used like a Dutch oven.

·         Anyone can easily use it.

·         The coating that covers it usually falls off over time.

·         It only works with charcoal or wood.

·         It takes some skill to keep the temperatures down.

Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R


As the next option, we find the Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R. This great grill is unique, as it has an impressive amount of 6 burners. Together the 6 burners are capable of producing, 96,000 BTU’s of power. Due to the impressive power it has, the grill has a 700 square inch cooking area. This is essential for cooking large quantities of food.

The Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R has two stainless steel lids, which are also covered with cast aluminum. It also has multiple cooking chambers that allow you to cook several foods simultaneously. Otherwise, this grill is designed to conserve heat and high temperatures. For this reason, excellent quality BBQ meals can be made.

Pros and Cons Table:

Pros Cons
·         The burner grids are made of cast iron. This allows the conservation of food flavors.

·         It is capable of producing 96,000 BTU’s of power.

·         Enjoy plenty of storage space. Many kitchen accessories can be stored on the lower shelves.

·         It has 6 burners.

·         Specifically, it offers a 700 square inch cooking area.

·         It’s not an easy grill to put together.

·         Due to its design, it is not easy to clean its surfaces.

·         The grill does not have additional cooking chambers to use charcoal or wood.

Napoleon Triumph 495

This model of the Napoleon series is one of the best bbq grills under 1000 that we have in our list. The way we see it, it has everything you need to make the best barbecues you can imagine.

It is a grill whose profile is different from its previous counterparts since it is not a large size, but it does guarantee high levels of efficiency. The Napoleon Triumph 495 comes with 4 integrated burners, and with a side burner. Together, the 5 burners are capable of generating 57,000 BTUs of power.

Likewise, this grill has a 665 square inch cooking space. Since it is not the size of other grills, it still meets all the requirements for preparing excellent meals for large groups of people.

The essential elements, such as the grids, the cooking chambers, and the burners are made of stainless steel. At the same time, the grates are designed in such a way that they can retain heat very effectively. This is because they are made of cast iron and are covered with porcelain. Finally, it is important to mention, that it has the necessary space to store all the necessary kitchen utensils.

Pros and Cons Table:


Pros Cons
·         It has side shelves that provide more space.

·         In the side area, it has several accessories, such as thermometers and a bottle opener.

·         The side shelves are foldable.

·         The grill is easy to move thanks to its locking wheels.

·         Unlike other grills, it does not have additional burners.

·         The assembly process can take time.

Weber Genesis II E-410 NG Grill

As always, we’ve saved the best for last. If you want to master the art of barbecuing and offer your loved ones the opportunity to eat great and wonderful meals, then this is the best bbq grill under 1000 of the year 2020.

One of the most striking attributes of the Weber Genesis II E-410 is its side table, which is a great resource and accompaniment to the grill. It is a gas grill and has 4 burners that are capable of generating 48,000 BTU’s of power.

On another note, this grill is not the best because of the power it can generate, but because of its efficiency in distributing heat throughout its cooking chambers. It is designed in such a way that the food is cooked quickly and without ever losing its taste and juiciness.

Stock out You can check the similar product

Pros and Cons Table:


Pros Cons
·         It has enough room to cook for 8 or 10 people.

·         It’s the most efficient grill in the world today.

·         In the same way, it is very easy to use and clean grill.

·         It has safety controls and temperature regulators.

·         Because of its quality, it enjoys an excellent market price.

·         It has the Igrill 3 system, which allows you to monitor the cooking of food remotely.

·         It’s in great demand. Therefore, it is a grill that users find difficult to find.

Comparison table

Grill Users’ opinions
Broil King 923584 Baron S590 Liquid Propane Gas Grill “It’s a good grill. I bought it a few weeks ago and it works great. But I’ve noticed that there are other grills that are much better. My brother’s is so superior.”
Built-in Natural Gas Pick Kitchen Aid 740-0780 Propane Gas Grill “Very easy to assemble, easy to use and best of all a very attractive grill. It has very nice accessories.”
Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500 “What I like best about this grill is its infrared burner. It can cook almost anything on it. I love it. But I do think there are better, similarly priced grills.”
Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Ceramic Grill Cooker “Ever since I saw my brother-in-law’s grill I fell in love with this brand. It’s not the same one he has, but it’s a very good grill.”
Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R “I didn’t have a high budget to buy a great grill, so I chose to look for the best options. I came across this beauty. It’s worth every penny.
Napoleon Triumph 495 “A few years ago I was recommended this brand of grill. I’ve had it for a while now, and it really hasn’t let me down at all. Excellent quality for a low price.”
Weber Genesis II E-410 NG Grill “I’m a big fan of barbecues and I really consider myself an expert on the subject. With this beauty I have been able to grill the best meats of my life. The best thing about it is its price. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good quality grill.”


Questions & Answers – FAQ

What does BTU mean?

The BTU’s are units used to measure the power of the grills. These power measurements are present in hybrid grills and gas grills. It is essential to know the power, to choose the ideal grill.

Is the temperature range important?

It is very important because it allows you to know the different alternatives to cooking for your food. This way you will have better control over the temperature. Similarly, you will be able to determine the capacity of the grill.

Does the size of the surface matter?

The size of the cooking surface is important depending on your needs. If you wish to cook for more than 8 people, it is recommended that you purchase grills with a minimum of 600 square inch cooking area.

Are there better options on the market?

In this aspect, we believe that these are the best options on the market today. These considerations are due to the opinions and criticisms that users have regarding the quality, efficiency, and price of the most modern grills of the year 2020.

Does the brand matter?

Each of the different brands of grills that exist, you design their models so that they are unique, even though they share certain elements. Because of this situation, you should not worry about the brand, but about the benefits, you can obtain. Although the best brands offer good products, it is not synonymous with affordability.

Are the grills with the most power the best?

That depends on the circumstances. While power is an important issue, it is not a reflection of the quality of the grill. You should choose the grill that is most efficient in distributing and maintaining heat. Most of the best grills do this because of their design.


To indicate the closure, without a doubt, the best bbq grill under 1000 is the Weber Genesis II E-410 NG Grill. With this grill, users will have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent barbecue experience, thanks to all the modern advantages it offers. While not the most powerful grill, it is the most efficient one with the best design on the market. This is the best alternative in terms of price and quality.


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