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Best 4 Burner Gas Grill This Guide Will Help You

Enjoying a BBQ picnic with family and friends is very relaxing and fun. However, if you do not have a perfect grill you may not be able to prepare the perfect meal that you want. There is a huge variety of gas grills available in the market that comes with unique features and specifications. In this article, you will find out the best 4 burner gas grill.

That is why the selection of the best product often gets hard. Here we have a complete guide to help you select the best product.

Char-Broil Gas Grill.


This Char-Broil 4 burner gas grill is the best 4 burner gas grill that we have found for you. The reason for it being on this list is its amazing features. The grill has some features that are necessary for a grill buy some features are different from other products present in the market.

However, here we will discuss every feature of this grill in detail so that you can make a better buying decision.

Key Features:

In addition, these are some features of this best 4 burner gas grill.

Stainless steel body.

For instance, grills are mostly used in family cookouts when you want nothing else than pure enjoyment. It is very difficult to have proper cooking and grilling experience without a good quality grill.

Similarly, this grill is made from stainless steel material throughout the body. This makes the grill very strong and durable so that it can provide you with the best grilling experience.


Electric ignition

Well, one major problem in a grill is the methods of igniting the grill. In the older grills, there were no proper methods of igniting the grill. The ones that used coal as fuel needed a couple of minutes to get ready for cooking. But this grill is great at this too.

However, the grill comes with integrated heat control and electrical ignition so that you can easily ignite the grill. The best part is that you can separately control the heat of every burner which means that there is no wastage of the fuel.


Removable and easy to clean grease pan.

On the other hand, this feature Of the Char-Broil gas grill makes this grill last longer than the usual grills. The grease collection pan comes with a handle that can be used to easily remove it from the grill. Additionally, the stainless-steel tray is coated with porcelain.

Therefore, this makes it very simple and quick to remove the grease from the pan without damaging the pan.


Folding warming rack.

To be honest, this feature is missed in most grills. The warming rack is mainly for keeping the bread or other supplies warm. As it is a little bit away from the burner, it does not meet with the direct heat. In addition, the interesting thing here is that this warming rack can be folded away if you want to access the whole grilling area.


Ample 425 sq. inch cooking area.

Similarly, the grilling area on this grill is 425 sq. inches with a separate burner. The separate burner can reach up to 10,000 BTU that can meet all your cooking needs all at once.


Unique Benefits:

In addition, these are some benefits of this Char-Broil grill

Easy to reach fuel keeping area.

The place where you keep the fuel tank is very easy to reach so that you can easily replace the fuel tanks.

Durable side shelves.

Similarly, the grill comes with side shelves on both sides. One of them even doubles as a separate stove. Others can be used to manage things.

Temperature monitor.

There is a temperature gauge integrated into the cover of the grill. It is one of the best things on this grill because using this, you can know about the perfect cooking temperature.

Wheels for easy movement.

The grill comes with wheels on one side. In addition, these help in moving the grill easily to and from the storage area.



  • More than enough grilling space.
  • A lot of modern features.
  • Managing grilling supplies is great with this grill.
  • 45-inch height makes it the perfect size.

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Blackstone 4-burner gas grill 1554.


If you are looking to buy a grill that is easy to manage, store but is made with good quality materials and packs some of the market best features. Then this is the best product for you. This is because its size and burners are more than enough for you to easily cook on your cookouts. So, let’s move to features.

Key Features:

Similarly, some amazing features of this grill are discussed below.

Folding design for easy storage

The grill has a folding design that means it can be easily stored when you are done using it. This is a great feature that is missed in most grills and this feature makes this grill very practical.

Wheels on all legs makes it very easy to move and store

The grill comes with fixed wheels on all legs. The wheels provide a very stable base for placing the grill even in the soil where standard legs go inside the soil. It gets very difficult to clean them.

In addition, one thing that is great about this grill is that it is not at all difficult to keep the grill at one place. The grill comes with 4 wheels out of which 2 have locks on them. Therefore, these locks make the grill very stable.


Enormous 720 sq. inch cooking space best for all kinds of parties.

The whole top surface of this grill is cooking. Talking in numbers we can say that you will get 720 sq. inches of cooking area with w burners. Also, all the burners have different heat control settings that make this grill great for all types of small and big cookouts.


Benefits to look at:

15000 BTU efficient stoves to cook any type of meat.

In other words, the burners of this grill are made for industrial-grade cooking. It means that the burners can go up to 15,000 BTU that can be very efficient in quickly heating the whole surface of the grill. Additionally, once the surface is hot enough to start cooking, it can efficiently cook almost everything that you need to cook on the grill.


2 side shelves and a bottom shelf for ample storage space.

Managing your cooking supplies is a great thing that comes in this grill. Two side shelves can be folded when storing. These shelves are very durable and can easily house any of your toppings or cooking tools. For keeping big things near you, you can use the bottom shelf. It can be great for keeping the small fuel tanks and other items like pans or dishes.


  • Industrial grade build quality of the cooking pan and the whole body.
  • More than enough space for cooking and managing your supplies.
  • The pan is easy to remove and clean.

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This grill can be considered to be the updated version of the Blackstone 1554 grill. But there are some interesting things added to this. Those are discussed here.

Key Features

In addition, these are the features of this grill.

Embedded cutting board.

On one side shelf of this grill, there is a place for the cutting board. This board can be used for cutting different things. The best part of this board is that it can be removed for easier usage.

Built-in garbage bag attaching hooks.

On the other hand, under the cutting board, there are hooks that are specially made to hang the garbage bag. This makes it a great grill for using it when camping or in hues parties because you will be able to clean all the garbage while using the grill.

Towel roll holder.

There is a Paper towel roll holder attached to the frame of the grill. It can be very practical for keeping things clean while preparing, cooking, and eating.

Multipurpose shelves.

Similarly, the shelves on the sides of the grill are great. This is because you can use the shelves for managing things and supplies that you are using when you are using the grill. The shelf on one side can be used for keeping things, managing the garbage, and used as a simple shelf as well.

Good for cooking many things

In addition, as this 4-burner gas grill has ample space and separate controls for maintaining the temperature, you can use it for cooking different types of things at the same time. These things can be anything like a vegetable, pancake, cheese for steak, or an egg.

Benefits to look at:

Here are the benefits of this amazing grill.

Easy electrical ignition without any power chords.

Above all, this is an amazing benefit of this grill. The grill supports the easy ignition of fire. For this, it uses electrical ignition with the push of a button. But the great thing here is that there is no chard required to be plugged in the mainline. This makes the grill great for its portability because it uses an AA battery for powering the ignition.

Powder-coated black steel durable structure.

The whole structure of this grill including the cooking pan of this grill is made with powder-coated steel that provides a very strong and rigid structure of this grill. The powder coating makes this grill best for outdoor use because it will have very little effect from the sunlight or little rain.


  • 7-gauge carbon steel makes it very durable.
  • 36-inch height makes it great for most people

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Royal Gourmet 36-inch 4 burner grill.


If you are the person who likes to use a grill not a lot, then this is the best 4 burner grill for you. The minimal design of this grill makes it very easy for storing the grill when not in use. The design of this grill features the most basic features required in a grill with no extra features.

Key Features:

The features of this simplistic grill are as follows

792 sq. inch cooking space.

The grill has enough space for cooking things for a house party. The pan used for the cooking purposes is evenly heated with the help of 4 burners that enables it to be used for bug sized steaks. Other than this, you can separately control the burners for small things.

Dedicated container for grease.

In addition, this is one of the best features of this grill. However, Cleaning the grease is one of the worst things that people must deal with when they are using the grills. Most grills have a grease pan that collects the grease under the stoves. This gets very dirty with time and you will have to clean after some days of using the grill. Therefore, only removing the grease will not work because you will have to deal with a very bad smell.

In this grill, there is a simple container that is used to collect the grease. Here no grease stays under the stove. You can simply put the tray under the stove with a paper towel. For removing the grease, you can take the container out and drain the grease out of it. It makes the whole process of cleaning and removing the grease.

Long-lasting steel-built control panel.

As this great grill has a whole body built with steel and there are 4 burners. To make the uniform appearance of this grill and keep the quality consistent, the control panel is also made with the same steel to keep it safe from different weather conditions and makes it easier to clean.

13,000 BTU cooking burners.

Similarly, It is very important to have a grill that takes no time to heat up. The 13,000 BTU burners make this grill great because the 4 burners will collectively provide heat of 52,000 BTU. This will be more than enough to preheat the grill in a very short time. Taking a short time for heating the grill also means that you are saving fuel.

Unique Benefits:

These are some of the benefits that come with this grill.

Easy to remove cooking pan.

One of the best features of this best 4 burner gas grill is that the pan that is used for cooking stuff can be easily removed for cleaning it.

Locking wheels are great for easy moving and storing.

Similarly, the wheels are great for moving the grill and they also have locks on them which can be used to make the grill very stable on an uneven surface.

Hook for handing the fuel tank makes the whole setup clean.

There is a hook that can be used for hanging the gas tank. It makes your grilling area clean.

Fixed side shelves can be used for management.

The shelves present on the side of this grill can be very useful for managing things.


  • Durable all-metal construction.
  • Minimal design.
  • No unnecessary features to make the prices go high

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Weber genesis 4-burner gas grill.

However, If you are the person who likes to grill things very often, then this is the product for you. Some of the features of this grill are very futuristic that make it a great item for feature lovers.

Other than this, this grill is also one of the best because it has secure storage options and it can also be moved around the place for easy storing with the help of fixed wheels.

Unique Features:

In addition, these are some of the distinct features of this best 4 burner gas grill.

Moderate 844 sq. inch cooking space.

Above all, for cooking things for your house parties or daily meals, this is a great grill because it provides you with enough cooking space for cooking many things at once. For the times when you need to cook less to more things, it has separate controls for the main grill and the side stove. Therefore, this makes it great for cooking and saving fuel at the same time.

Storage cabins with doors for storing small to medium-size dishes.

Well, this feature is for the people who love to grill very often. The storage cabins are great for storing things like sauce bottles, toppings, and medium to small cooking and serving dishes. Most people like to keep things at their destined places.


This is a great grill for those people because it can store almost all the supplies that you will need for grilling.

Similarly, this feature of the grill provides you with a lot of extra space in your kitchen.

Side burner can be used for cooking other things.

The grill comes with a side burner. This is a multi-purpose feature of this grill because when you are not using the stove, you can use it as a shelf for keeping the supplies by using the lid of the burner. Other than this, this burner can be used for warning things and cooking side products like vegetables or sauces.

Porcelain coating keeps heat retained.

The grill of this product is covered in industrial-grade porcelain. He enables this grill to retain heat for a long time. It means that if you want to take a break, the grill will keep its warmth and less fuel will be wasted for heating the grill again. So, this is also a great feature for cooking the things that need to be slow-cooked.

Integrated food warming grill.

This feature is missed in many small grills, but this grill has the integrated food warning section. It receives lower heat, and this can help in two ways.

  1. Can help in warming things like vegetables or bread.
  2. Can be used to keep the cooked items warm without burning or drying them as the lower heat levels will help in retaining the moisture.

Unique Benefits:

With great features come great benefits. Here are some of the great benefits of this grill.

Compatible with iGrill 3 application.

This is the most futuristic thing in this grill. iGrill3 is a mobile application that is connected to the grill and your phone. IT can help in many different things like remotely measuring the temperature. The mobile compatible application also helps the cooks to remotely use the grill because the grill application will notify you when the cooking tie finishes.

Fuel liven indicator for LP.

This is a perk that comes with the grill. The grill has a built-in gauge that can tell you the gas remaining in your gas storage. It is a great thing because it will help you in judging if the remaining gas is enough or not enough for cooking.


This feature helps in maintaining the quality of your food because by knowing the levels of the gas, you will never have to replace the gas tank halfway cooking.

This is only available for the LP gas.

10-year warranty

However, Considering the quality of this grill, you can be fearless because the company offers its buyers a 10-year warranty. In addition, this means that the company is sure that the quality of this grill is good enough to last for more than 10 years. However, if your product gets bad, you can claim the warranty to extend the life of your product.


  • Feature-rich design.
  • Futuristic specifications.
  • No issues or worries about the quality of this grill.

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6 Napoleon Built-in Prestige:


For offering and easy to use operation and efficiency to make working easy, this unit is ideal for your use. It is easy to operate and your teenager can work on it. For the ladies, these are very easy to clean and care. There is no hard and fast rule to use these grills.

Unique Features

Some of the important features are here for your concern.

Infrared burner

Above all, you will love this unit because it comes with an infrared sizzle-zone burner. The infrared heat is the prime source to produce a high-temperature. No doubt, it kicks out about eighteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit of heat to prepare tender meat for you and your guests. Its efficiency is double as compared to the other side burners. Therefore, this burner turns down the heat if you want to prepare or warm some sauces or other side dishes.

Easy to adjust

Its adjustability lowers then down if a user needs to cook with pans and pots. This stainless-steel Gas grill boasts four burners, 760 square inches of complete grilling area, and 66,000 total BTU. Due to the sleek and slim design, it is easy to adjust to your kitchen.

Jetfire Ignition system

The automatic and fast ignition makes the use of the grill very easy and simple for the users. Therefore, it ensures safe lighting, as well as the first time, ignites with a battery-free ignition.

Stainless Steel sear Plates

In addition, to distribute heat more evenly, vaporize dripping and assists decrease flare-ups as well as increase the flavor of your food, this unit comes with high-quality and dual level stainless steel plates. It is the best way to prolong and protect the burner’s life. No doubt, flavors always make a difference.

Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit and backlit knobs

Similarly, It comes with important accessories that will not be a burden on your pocket because you do not need to buy them separately. This rotisserie kit is durable and makes your cooking easy.

Its backlit knobs have blue LED lights illumination that changes to red when gas is on. In this way, you can work in a dark area very easily.

It comes with a five –years warranty that makes it durable for a long time. Therefore, It means it does not need repair.

Key Benefits to know about

In other words. This is the gas grill unit that comes with a variety of benefits even for its regular and new users. Some of its benefits are given below.


Among global users, the use of an indoor grill is getting popular. This is the unit that comes in a budget-friendly price and a variety of features. It will not be a burden on your pocket because all its features are highly innovative.

Cook All types of food

Which food do you need to cook? If you are fond of cooking then you need to choose the item as per your cooking needs. Grilling and BBQ vegetables have different textures and tastes. This grill unit allows you a real but smoky flavor like eggplant and mushrooms.

You can use a small BBQ for a juicy and sweet addition to your burgers, light flam to caramelize the sugar, pineapple, and others. The majority of the people use to cook meatballs, vegetables, and fruits, breakfast foods, fresh foods, seafood, ribs, fillets, burgers, skewers, cutlets, chops, steak, and others.

Offers easy cleaning

Cleaning is very important. To be honest, if we don’t clean things after using, the durability of the product will go down. Being a gas grill user, you need to learn its cleaning methods. The question is, how to clean the gas grill parts? There are three ways in which you can clean the gas grill.

All its removable parts are dishwasher safe, so you do not need to waste your time rubbing grease and other material on trays.


  • Super quality, Made in Canada material
  • For easy cleaning, a grease drip pan is removable
  • Rotisserie kit with the purchase of a grill
  • Reliable installation and ignition system
  • Easy assembly and removal
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 5-years Warranty

 Check Price:

Blaze Grills 32-Inch


Give your taste buds a treat by making high-quality food in your home. This Blaze Grill unit comes with different accessories that make cleaning and working procedure simple.

Key Features to look at:

Learn more about the unit here with these features.

Unique Design       

In other words, for a large stainless-steel grilling surface, it is very easy to use. Its smart and sleek design is highly unique and makes your kitchen an adorable place.

Modern technology used

For instance, these are innovative and perfect in functionalities. It is designed with modern technology. For soft food preparation, it offers an amazing versatility as compared to the other models. If a user wants to prepare vegetables like tomatoes and beets, it handles these well. But, unlike others, it works with great efficiency.

This unit is ideal for all types of food preparation. If you want to make some healthy food, then, this is the right option for you.

Temperature Control

Facilitating the users by making their cooking with adjustable temperature control, provides your assistance to cut down botheration of lighting fire in the night to grill. The users like to use it for enjoying a tender grill anytime.

Uniform Heat

It is an important factor that this grill contains a uniform heat system. It is a surety that your food will cook properly. No more worries about burning or burning. A gas grill that cooks with the uniform heat is the surety of the food that is entirely tender.

No Flare-up chances

Due to the easy ignition sources, there are no flare-up chances. Therefore, it stabilizes grids and adds a grilled flavor.

Quick and Easy start

Its flame thrower and primary ignition system help you push and turn flame on for instant start with all uses.

Divided temperature areas

It comes with a heat zone separator to make your cooking easy.

Back-up Ignition

This option is ideal with crossovers and flash tube ignition.

Benefits to look at:

There are several benefits of using this grilling unit. Some of the benefits are her.

High-efficient item

It is highly great in offering efficiency and high-functionality. Save your family from germs and viruses by cooking things at home with this grill. The new models contain parts like grilling trays that are very easy to clean. It contains a design that is not suitable for germs growth. It means it protects you from germs safety. All its parts are very easy to adjust and remove for cleaning.

No smoke production

Secondly, it is easy to take from one place to another; you feel that new models do not produce smoke in the kitchen. These are portable as well. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor grilling because it does not produce smoke. You will enjoy a satisfying night’s outdoor stay with this grilling item. This unit comes with a moisture-proof sheet that means it will not be damaged due to the moisture.


Use it for the long term because it is made of powerful stainless-steel material. It is an innovative item for your indoor activity that offers fun and delight. The modern product should be made up of strong and sturdy material

If you are buying the gas grill that is designed for common home needs then check all its features that are suitable as per your requirements. It is enough spacious to provide you enough room for turning and placing more items. This is a good option to make your food tender and tasty. Focus on quality. This grilling gear must be easy to carry and especially the indoor grill offers space to fold and to turn the meat. This type of material should be comfortable for providing you convenience.

Nice Size

You will like its small size that is appropriate for your kitchen. You can place it in the area, where space is premium. Always prefer a sleek design. It is good to fit the item in the area where space is premium. It offers easy cleaning that is why there is no corner in it that can produce germs in it.

Offers versatility

It is not just a grilling item, with a variety of accessories and attachments, it provides an ease to mothers for making baby food or for the aged family members, who cannot chew longer because its slow grilling technique makes the food tender for you.

Moreover, make delicious butter from kinds of nuts. Add some oil to the nuts and turn it into a paste. This is not the end; this unit comes with some attachments to extrude pasta dough. Make homemade pasta with great convenience.


  • Comes with a life-time warranty
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Removable warming rack
  • Rear infrared burner


Check Price:

Comparison table


Name Cooking area BTU number of all burners combined Height

Char Broil Gas Grill

425 sq. inch 36,000 45 inches

Blackstone 4-burner gas grill 1554.

730 sq. inch 60,000 36 inches

Blackstone 4-burner grill 1825

720 sq. inch. 60,000 36 inches

Royal Gourmet 36-inch 4 burner grill

792 sq. inch 52,000 36 inches

Weber genesis 4-burner gas grill.

844 sq. inch. 69,000 47 inches

6Napoleon Built-in Prestige

760 sq. inch 66,000 32 inches

Blaze Grills 32-Inch

740 sq. inch 56,000 21 inches.


A complete Buying Guide to buy a good 4 burner gas grill”

If you love to spend quality time outside with your family and enjoy having a BBQ, then you need to be very careful while buying a gas grill. Here we have a few things you need to consider before buying a grill that meets your needs.

Heating time

There are various factors that you need to consider while buying a grill but the most important one is heating time. If your grill will take a lot of time to heat them you will not be able to cook your meal on time or it will remain uncooked. It will not only ruin your picnic but also waste your time and money.


If you want a grill with fast heating time you need to pay attention to the BTU of the product. If a grill has higher BTU it will have a faster healing time as well as good heat retention. It means that you will be able to cook your meals quickly and enjoy your food while it is hot.

Portability and storage

A common thing that people often ignore while buying a grill is its portability. They think that they will cover it with a shed and nothing will happen. However, if you live in an area with high humidity and rainfall you might have to keep your grill in the garage or a separate room. In such a situation if your grill is not portable you may not be able to easily move it inside. That is why I always buy the portable grill.


On the other hand, if you like to camp and travel you should get a grill that is easy to store and assemble. So that you can easily carry your grill in your car.


Do not forget to consider the height of the grill. It is important so that you can easily cook on the grill without having to deal with back pain.


There are two types of grills, one has fixed height and others have adjustable height. It is better to buy the ones that have adjustable heights because they are easy to manage. Everyone can adjust it according to their height and enjoy cooking time.

Supplies management

An important factor that is often ignored is supply management. Most grills do not come with a supply management tray or shelf. Due to which if you are outside it often gets hard to keep tongs and other products that you might have been using while grilling meat and vegetables.


That is why it will be a better choice to have a grill that comes with an attached tray or shelf. So that if you have to keep your oil, utensils, or spices. It will be easier for you to manage everything quickly.

Additional features

Most of the grills are simple and they work well for many people. However, some grills come with additional features. Remember that additional features mean that you have to pay extra for them. No doubt most of the features are a waste of money but some additional features are very important and should be present in a gas grill.

The first one is the thermometer. Having a thermometer makes it easier to manage temperature while cooking. In this way, your meals will not burn, and you will not have to deal with issues like overheating.

Another feature to consider is a gauge. With a gauge, you can easily know the pressure and quantity of gas available in the cylinder. In this way, you will not have to deal with interruption while grilling.


Make sure that you pay attention to the cost of the product you are buying. Consider your budget before selecting the product you want to assure that you will not have to deal with any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions that people usually have about buying a gas grill.

On the gas grill, what is the side burner used for?

The side burner is a very practical part of the grill. It is used for cooking things that you cannot cook on the grill like separate vegetables or eggs etc.

How to know if the gas tank is empty?

On the best 4 burner gas grill, there is an indicator that can tell you about the levels of remaining gas.

Can I boil water on the grill?

If you want to make some type of hot beverage like tea or coffee, you can use the heater of the grill to boil water.

When will I know if the gas tank is empty?

Most of the time, the pressure is not enough to power the burners, you can use a technique to tell if the gas tank is empty or not. By putting water on the nozzle of the burner, you can tell from the bubbles if the tank is empty or not. If bubbles are forming on the nozzle, shaking the tank will give you some more time to cook.


So, We hope this guide will help you with the selection of the best 4 burner gas grill. Make sure that you conduct your complete research and select the one that meets your demands in the best way. You will surely enjoy your BBQ on your grill.


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