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Are Weber Grills Worth The Money? Update for 2020




Weber Grills

We all want our money’s worth every time. Because nothing can be more disappointing than spending on a product and not getting half the satisfaction expected. When you have a hobby such as cooking food for your family and friends, it is obvious that you would have the desire to have a grilling machine of your own. Grilling is the best form of outdoor cooking and a decent grilling tool, like any grilling solution from the house of Weber, The question is that, Are Weber Grills Worth The Money?

can help you carry out your hobby for a long time. When you think of purchasing a grilling solution you surely would consider some factors as you don’t buy one on a daily basis. So what are the factors that you should think about before purchasing a grilling machine? And, this is going to be one of the important questions that we are going to find out an answer in this article which we have prepared based on extensive research and years of experience in this industry.

You must be thinking that where is this article heading towards, right? Well, we request you to sit tight and pay full attention to this article as we are going to take you to a complete tour of buying the best grill which will be absolutely worth your money. Whenever you are out shopping for cooking stuff, you usually keep a list of factors in mind to be checked out. Manufacturer Company, build quality, building materials, repairable criterion, manufacturer’s after-sales services, and warranty, for instance. Well, these factors eventually lead you to great cooking stuff.

Let us assure you that Weber fulfills all of your earlier mentioned criteria appropriately and perfectly. Because we have found out that Weber grills last longer than that of any other manufacturing company by maintaining a big margin. Not only longevity but also Weber grills’ parts are easily available for replacement in the market near you. Let’s get to the point where we will find out why Weber grills worth the money below.

Weber Grills

Weber Bros. Metal Works was established in 1893 which was a family-owned business.  Co-owner George Stephen Sr. created the Weber Grills concept for the first time in 1952 while cooking with a brazier and some metal sheets at home. This creation was called George’s Barbecue Kettle back then. This Kettle soon became very admired and accepted which lead Mr. Stephen to form Weber Barbecue Unit in their business line up.

Weber Grill


Mr. Stephen acquired the Weber Bros. factory and renamed it to Weber-Stephen Products in the late 50s. Then they started devoting to the new business line up barbecues and grills, designing and manufacturing new materials, new mechanisms, and versatile ways to cook outdoors. BDT Capital partners bought out a majority stake of Weber-Stephen Products in 2010 but till then it was a family firm.

There is a lot of grilling machine manufacturers out there. But Weber Grills has built up and maintained its own reputation & place in this industry. Let’s find out what are the factors that make Weber Grills exceptional below.

Build Mechanism & Engineering

We have already come to know that Weber Grills is the pioneer in this grill manufacturing industry. But they did not just stop after creating the first grill of its kind. This company has continued its innovation by introducing versatility among the products line up and also focused on the improvement of materials to ensure long-lasting longevity.

The most inspiring fact about their success is that they have always prioritized their customers’ feedback. They knew from the beginning that listening to customers’ feedback will always bring a better result in designing the products and their manufacturing process. It goes without saying that with years of research & development and learning from previous lessons, they have added some useful improvements in their products. For example, grease channels, easy cleaning mechanisms, etc.

Build Materials

Weber grills have always provided extra attention to their grilling tools when they thought of selecting build materials. Therefore, they have used porcelain-coated stainless steel, cast iron, and other premium-quality materials to ensure the grills manufactured in their factory can last longer than that of their competitions. While building grills they use welds. As a result, the process may require more time and labor but the materials turn out to be rust-proof and durable. Quality control and assurance is the next phase of priority. Each product that Weber Grills manufactures in its factory has to go through a lot of testing and assessments to ensure the company’s standards. They try their best to make sure each and every single product can easily serve a customer for 12-15 years.

Repairing Facility

Weber Grills manufacture their grills in such a way that parts of each product can easily removable, repairable, and replaceable. You don’t have to go for a long search for this grill’s parts as these are available generally in a store near you. And the amazing part is that you don’t have to send it to the warehouse or any service center. With a little help from the manual, you can easily replace the required part yourself.

Customer Service & Warranty

Weber Grills ensures unquestionably best after-sales services to its customers. As we have discussed earlier that they have developed a lot of features to their products just by paying attention to customers’ feedbacks. On the other hand, they also listen to the queries and issues raised by customers, repair & replace required parts, and maintain follow-ups with customers to ensure customers’ desired satisfaction.

This grilling manufacturing company provides 10 years of warranty periods for most of the products. However, we can assure you that you will end up using a Weber grill for 12-15 years with proper use and care. Even if there is a case of an essential return, they refund the purchase amount to the claiming client without any delay.

Our Final Words

After the above discussion, we can say without any hesitation that there is no more explanation required on “why are Weber Grills worth the money?” A few companies can go such a long way as Weber has in the grilling industry. To sum up, when you focus and dedicate on research & development, high-quality build mechanism & materials, ensure your customers are listened to attentively, your company can rule the industry.

You may have to spend extra bucks for Weber Grills but now you know it’s fully worth the purpose.

“Happy Grilling with Weber Grills”

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